Leaders Clinic Clinie Mask

I have a master plan, alright, a little exaggeration can’t kill, can it? I am taking a 15 days vacation in February, and I want to compensate for the lack of time throughout the year, and the attentive care to my skin.

My favorite masks are Leaders Clinic Clinie Mask (aka Leaders InSolution) and Mediheal (similar properties). Mela Tox and AC Dressing are slightly more costly than the usual ones such as vita bright and collagen etc. There was (still is, if you buy right NOW) a promotion, and I ordered a bunch of Mela tox and AC dressing masks – paid only about SGD0.91/mask!!

My master plan is to bring 14 packs of the masks (mixes of whatever I have) to vacation. I am not exactly sure (although that almost always happen) if I would order a massage service, and if that plan falls through, at least I have DIY pampering sessions!

Leaders_MasksLeaders InSolution Masks

The accommodations (traveling to 2 places) that I had secured using Hotel Combined search, provide spacious (I am serious! One of them is a 2-storey apartment) rooms, living spaces, and BIG bath tubs.

I imagine that I would be spending much ME-time in the hotel during the hot afternoons. When you work hours like I do – being self-employed has its perks, but for a workaholic like me, it also means extremely long working hours – squeezing 20 minutes out of the busy schedule to put on mask can be quite challenging.

Now that the masks are here, I can’t help but feeling excited. I can almost smell ‘vacation’!

All my websites are in ‘transition’, from one host to another – I know! I have to STOP doing that! – because of a unique incompatibility between an application installed on the server and my ISP networks – I know!!! I am a natural magnet to all problems rare and unheard of!! – so I have to make a difficult decision to cut my web host loose.

I am trying to keep the posts ‘lean’ for now, until the transfer is complete. But I am actually very eager to share my reviews on several products – think, snail creams, bb creams, and age defying creams!

What did you do for Christmas? Christmas has diminishing meaning for me as I grow older. We celebrated Christmas since I was a child, since my paternal family is mostly Catholic. It still has a special mood-rising effect on me though.

This year, I spent the entire Christmas day ‘mingling’ with the web host support team. I can’t say for sure, but I would advise against approaching support tech during holidays, unless you MUST resolve the problem immediately (like I do!). It is probably the least helpful support I had been provided with thus far. They weren’t rude, just less helpful, and I swear I could almost hear the whines behind the avatars! (Of course, my super imaginative mind never fail to take me to crazy places beyond space and time!)

I worked in retail industry for years before heading for the desk job. I usually worked during festive holidays, and I was usually quite pleased, since customers were generally quite jolly. I had observed though, that most of my colleagues weren’t half as pleased as I was – and I reckon that it is actually the ‘normal’ feeling.

Customer service standard usually drop. I guess, people do feel negatively towards drawing the short straws. I didn’t feel bad about it, because it was still just another work day, much busier and crazier, stressful even, since some customers were rushing for last-minute shopping and the crowd didn’t make it better.

If you can just take a moment, stop complaining and whining, and just be glad, this day may be a lot more enjoyable.

I lost a bit of quality sleep over the unresolvable problem – I am really bad with unresolved problem – and was calculating on possible financial loss. See, that’s the problem. We focus on the loss, when we should concentrate on the gain. The encountered problem is a persistent problem that fails to be fixed permanently, by cutting the host loose, I am also cutting the loss of time. The money spent can always be earned, and fortunately, it’s just a few hundred dollars, not thousands!

When we start counting our blessings, we realize that the problem is just a falling dust.

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