Announcing exciting changes and introducing something new

It all started last July. I was cleaning up my LinkedIn profile and account as I planned to look for a short-term job before the impending relocation could happen. If I had not been working on the nearly abandoned LinkedIn account, I would have missed the great opportunity to connect with CARA Unmask co-founder, Bernard. Fast-forward, I am currently writing for the mental health platform.

CARA Unmask


Bernard and I bounce ideas off each other from time to time, and the benefit of brainstorming ideas is that we tend to sprout new adventures along the way. One thing leads to another, and “Lis Writes” is conceived and born in a matter of days! Talk about digital advancement and speed!


Lis Writes has two main taglines:

Questioning presuppositions with Socratic approach;

Metacognition: Critical awareness as a thinker and learner

The first punchline describes who I am as a person; as someone with a psychology background; as someone who doesn’t merely accept presuppositions. What I know now is not all I will know. The second tagline is what I regard as an essential quality to develop and nurture – the critical awareness of one’s thinking and as a learner.

lis writes


A Fast Development

I was initially considering a new template for Quirky Missy website (which I am still contemplating). I discussed the idea of a new layout with the boy, and he casually suggested setting up a new website so that I can always have the random and cutesy stuff that I like. I was thrown off for a bit! A new website! Who builds a website out of a thought! In less than 3 seconds, we decided that I will have a new website, “Lis Writes”.

lis writes logo and tagline

Inspired by my best friend, Ruth, of The Workroom, who writes beautifully and professionally in calligraphy art, I named my new website Lis Writes. Once the boy bought me the domain, we decided to engage Ruth’s design services to design my logo using her calligraphy skills, and on the same day, we have confirmed the final artwork. I adore the logo, and it is what I wanted precisely. 

lis writes

LIS WRITES exudes a more stoic tone in the entire layout, as it discusses important topics about mental health wellbeing and concerns. I still write in a more casual tone, as I am advocating to dismantle the social stigma that surrounds mental health topics. We must be able to chat about mental health concerns like we would with physical health concerns. Some items would be harder to talk about, as they have devastating outcomes, but we must allow people to talk about it more freely and casually so that they can get the resources that they need to become better.

Lis Writes

You will find that some of the posts on Quirky Missy are no longer displaying the original contents. I am moving some of the materials over to Lis Writes, and when I have done so, I will include a screenshot that links to the specific post on Lis Writes. As you may notice, Lis Writes sheds the cartoony images and uses stock images instead.

liswrites for cara unmask

By the end of next week, I would have completed all the virtual learning courses that I signed up using the Singapore Government-issued Skills Future credit and could focus on the writing for CARA Unmask and Lis Writes.

cara unmask

What to Expect?


LIS WRITES will be closely associated with CARA Unmask. It’s a cross-cascading model that I have developed. I will be publishing my academic research essays on LIS WRITES, with the full references, and branching a focus piece on CARA Unmask. They are cross-cascading as it’s not typically one-directional, but bidirectional and across several stages, or formats.

I will put a disclaimer on each post that contains my academic works, but I will mention briefly here. A student’s academic research essays are tailored for assessment purpose; therefore, there are limitations to meet the strict marking rubric. Additionally, a student is still learning and will make mistakes along the way. So, I ask that readers be lenient and forgive the possible errors, and focus on the research question and the references that may answer some of your questions.

Quirky Missy

Quirky Missy will remain as my virtual playground, where I continue to explore new interests and share my exploration experiences. You will see more posts on cooking recipes, online shopping tips, technological discoveries, and just about anything.

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