Chamos Acaci Magic Perfect BB Cream

Chamos Acaci Magic Perfect BB Cream is probably one of the most color-fitting and best color-adjusting for tropical Asian skin with yellow undertones. It is however slightly darker the most bb cream. Read on for full review.

Magic Perfect Blemish Balm (SPF 45PA++)

Magic Perfect Blemish Balm Cream is a multi-function cream that acts as a foundation, moisturizer, sun block, anti-wrinkle, concealer, make-up primer, skin brightener and oil-control.
3 main effects (Sun block, whitening and anti-wrinkle).
It provides the coverage of a foundation without clogging pores and gives a glow to your complexion at the same time.

Main Features:
100% Hypoallergenic Products, Non Cosmodogenic
Waterproof & long-lasting without any oily or whitish effect.
Effectively controls the sebum & Oil
Whitening & effective sun protection from UVA & UVB rays
Blend into the skin to correct the skin tone naturally with velvety smooth texture to conceals blemishes & discoloration on face (acne, age spot, dark circles, sun spots & scars) while allowing the skin to breathe, thanks to a fresh & light texture.
Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skins to help create a youthful, healthy complexion
Contains naturals extracts that moisturizes and protects skin, improves fine lines and wrinkles and lightens the skin

Skin is intensely hydrated and protected from UV-aging
Immediately, blemishes, fine lines and brown spots visibly fade out
Complexion is long lastingly unified for a fairer, glowing and more radiant skin

Key Ingredients:-
Arbutin : It brighten up your skin (the whitening effect of the product is approved by KFDA) and suppresses the production of the pigment of melamine causing freckles and melasma strongly, improves dark skin & mitigates freckles.
Adenosine : It enhances the elasticity of skin and improves wrinkles.
Collagen: Restore moisture, suppleness and firmness of the skin.

Directions for use:
Apply a small amount onto your finger tips and smooth over entire face for a velvety smooth complexion. For best result, apply pore primer before the BB cream.
Works all by itself to brighten any complexion and create more youthful appearance.

Weight : 50ml

[The Missy’s Say]

Thick consistency, but leaning towards foundation rather than the usual BB cream which is more spreadable (comparing this to Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream).

✔ Perfumed, well tolerated (for me).

Coverage: (See image for comparison)
I have Petechiae (pin sized red dots – said to be bleeding under the skin) on my arms, as well as a tiny mole. It makes perfect ‘canvas’ to paint the BB cream over.

 Coverage is medium-good, it covers better than Skin79 Hot Pink, and covers most minor skin imperfections.

After touch:
✘ A slight tackiness immediately after application, that doesn’t go away, it shouldn’t bother you much if you use a setting powder, or a sebum control pact/powder.

My skin color profile is NC10-15 (see photo of the underside of my arm) – but possibly NC20 on my arm.

✔ ✔ This is possibly the best color fitting and adjusting BB cream I have tried. It fits the tropical Asian skin with yellow undertones. I can’t say for sure how it may be for the Caucasians with more pink undertones though. The color adjusts very well, closest to my natural skin color (on face – for some reasons, skin on the face and arm reacts quite differently).


 Can’t say I am impressed. The high SPF usually means more moisturizing. This would however, be great for colder/dryer climate. (When I traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand during the colder month, my face felt a tad too dry with Skin79 Hot Pink, I imagine Chamos BB cream will work better)

My skin oiled up after 2 hours or so; it can be compensated with sebum control products such as primer (upcoming review!) or powder.

Staying Power:
Like most BB cream, staying power is probably not the top selling point. I don’t always have setting powder over the BB cream, so I simply blot with blotting paper, then reapply the BB cream. Sometimes, I will wipe ‘away’ (not really the thorough makeup removing method) the ‘melting’ makeup, and then spray some aqua mist over the face to freshen the skin up as well as removing dirt. Then, I reapply the BB over, sparingly.

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