Airfried Honeyed Wings – vague Recipe

Pre Marinate

Mum has been planning to airfry chicken wings even before she owned the airfryer. Sure enough, it happened!

1. Mid section of wings (or drumlets)
2. Celery
3. Oyster sauce
4. Top grade soy sauce
5. Concentrated stock – scallop
6. Sea salt
7. Garlic (unpeeled)
8. Honey
9. White ground pepper

Mum says that by doing this step, it will remove the bloody flavor of the wings.
1. Bring water to boil, throw in the wings, garlic cloves, and cut celery
2. Cook briefly – say 2 minutes
3. Turn off the heat, drain the water


1. Empty the wings into mixing bowl
2. Add oyster sauce, top grade soy sauce, sea salt (just a pinch), pepper, concentrated scallop stock (optional, mum is just crazy about the stock right now, she adds this to everything)
3. Mix them well
4. Add honey and ‘massage’ the wings
5. You may use the fresh wrap to cover the bowl and fridge it overnight or at least several hours before cooking

Dinner - airfried wings

Set airfryer to 200deg, 15-18 mins (depending on how burnt you like your wings). No oil is needed.

BBQ sauce wings
If you like your wings with bbq sauce, you could brush the bbq sauce (moderately, BBQ sauce can be quite salty) onto the wings either in interval of 5mins, or just half-way through cooking and last brush on 3 minutes before the timer is up.

Trial and verdict: 
Pass with flying colors! Honeyed wings cooked with airfryer are way more tasty (and convenient, pre and post cooking) than grilled/bbq wings.

Just make sure that the wings are not stacked in the frying bowl, otherwise, you may have patches of white skin.

See, when using airfryer to cook the wings, it uses the fats in the skin ‘fry’ to crisp, so the result is amazing. The outside crispy while the inside juicy.

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