Milcolla Collagen Powder

Yeah, as if the external beauty care wasn’t enough, I am working the beauty enhancement inside out! I am taking the Milcolla collagen powder for several reasons. I had previously tried taking Meiji collagen powder, and it upset my reflux – but back then, my reflux problem was really intense, so many things can trigger an ugly episode.

Milcolla Collagen Powder

Product Description:
105g per pack
One Spoonful is around 7g
One Spoonful per day
One pack lasts around 15 days
Comes in a zip-lock bag packaging for easier storage.
With a measuring spoon for easier consumption

Each spoonful, you receive:
☆ 5000mg collagen peptide
☆ 120mg milk ceramide
☆ added beauty support of vitamin C – 50mg
☆ milk calcium
☆ Around 10 millions vegetation based lactic-acid bacilli.
☆ Only 25.3 calories
☆ No artificial colouring or fragrances
Main benefits of the product:
☆ Easy and convenient way as beauty supplement
☆ Prevent skin from aging
☆ Improve your skin conditions – to become firm, moist and youthful
☆ Restores softness and suppleness to your skin

☆ Blend with a beverage or food of your choice, either hot (not boiling hot) or cold
One Flat Scoop
☆ The original taste of the beverage will not be changed

Please take note:
☆ Keep away from direct sunlight
☆ Zip tightly and keep in a cool and dry place
☆ Do not mix it with alcohol
☆ Pls check the ingredients carefully if you are concerned about allergies.
☆ Pls stop consumption if any itchiness, rashes or gastrointestinal discomfort occurs
☆ If you are under any medications, pls consult your doctor before taking this product
☆ Pls refrain children, and pregnant or breast-feeding women from consumption

So, I am taking this for:

1. Skin nourishment – I mean, let’s be real here, I don’t mind aging, but I really don’t mind aging gracefully and as long as it’s non-invasive to my health and body, I am open to supplements and skin care that can retain however much youth I have left.

2. Collagen replenishment for back – This may sound like an excuse, but it’s a genuine medical concern. I have chronic degenerative disc disease, and I had it in my early 20’s, a premature degenerative process caused by car accident and relocation. In a car accident, the impact caused my spine to push forward and caused a whiplash; and most importantly, during the relocation, I was doing most of the laborious work such as moving heavy furniture and assembling big and small furniture from Ikea. The poor posture in carrying the heavy furniture caused a slipped disc. I was since prone to slipped disc, some episodes more severe than other. I was told that collagen intake helps to slow down the degenerative process.

3. Ligament – I also have ligaments problem – I know right, I am so broken! – and I was encouraged to eat sea cucumber as it is high in collagen and it helps with the joints. I will NEVER want to eat sea cucumber!

4. Hair – this is the least concern really, I have very vague impression that collagen helps with hair condition, but well, since some people provided positive feedbacks on that, I might as well be accepting it.

[The Missy’s Say]

It’s really like milk powder, subtle

How I drink it
I mix a spoonful (that comes with it – some sellers require that you purchase it, as the manufacturer is not giving out the spoon by default, an eco-effort to reduce plastic use) with tea in the morning. I love my tea creamy, so I am enjoying it very much.

1. Skin condition – I can’t say for sure yet, it’s been merely slightly over a week since I started consuming this. There is subtle improvement on the lines around the neck; but the draw back on skin is that I am experiencing some breakouts, I am going to just persevere for a while longer (say 3 months!) and see if it’s just a reaction of my skin (I do have hypersensitive skin cells) and if it will stabilize after a while. At least we know for sure that it’s doing something to my skin!

2. Back and joints – I am not exaggerating. When I say ‘chronic’, I mean persistent back pain in high frequencies. I haven’t experience as much as a strain to my back since consuming the powder. Then again, I am also doing a lot of stretching exercise that helps build muscles around my spine (support), so maybe that helps too.

3. Hair – Nadah! Nothing significantly positive observed yet.

Will I repurchase? I will, for at least another 2 months. I want to give it enough time before I conclude that it doesn’t work at all. If it doesn’t help with my skin, I hope at least it aids in my back condition. You have no idea what it’s like.


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