Happiness comes in multilayered and depths of existence

Exams and Stress

Exams are just days away. “Stress” was discussed briefly in last evening’s lecture. My stress level caused by examinations, honestly, it’s 0-1; 1 being the fact that the orders that came through the emails may not be attended to and customers may not have noticed the banner and announcement, otherwise, I don’t get stressed by exams.

Exams – it is just what it is. I am not super intelligent or a super achiever; I just don’t get stressed by exam because it’s really just answering questions and get done and over with. I get stressed out by assignments when I am not given enough time to ponder over the question and to formulate the structure of writings in my head.

The pre-exams drinking session to de-stress the non-existent stress


So, last night, we decide to ‘wine-out’. Great wines, great company, what more can I ask?

Post-drinking detox


I was home near 6am, and I am beyond exhausted! I woke at nearly noon, but it’s hardly enough rest. I need to sleep 8-9 hours a day; I need double the length of time when I have depleted my reserve bio-battery! I woke only because I was too hungry!

Berries with high Vitamin C and antioxidants, and american ginseng tea to detox and flush out the alcohol in the system.

The Stupid Brain 

I have a stupid, stubborn and uncooperative brain – no, you are not allowed to say that to me, I am allowed to say that about my brain – I can use some forgetfulness when my body is exhausted. Somehow, it disregards the host’s physical state and decides to drain out what’s left in the energy bank.

Yesterday, I was chatting with a friend over facebook chat. We were talking about the 2 months year end vacation that I am taking, in USA. One thing leads to another (what doesn’t!) we were talking about animal shelter. That then sparks an idea in my head that hey, perhaps I can look out for some charity events while there.

That chat session happened yesterday afternoon. With all the alcohol, dancing, loud music and too much fun, the ‘idea’ doesn’t get washed out! I do remember things a tad too well!

Cultivating kindness 

I count my blessings, everyday (I really do. I told you, I have a stupid brain, it is very persistent, congruent and overly hardworking!). When I have something more (and yeah, I think I have something more all the time! There must be some parts of my brain that are underdeveloped – the part of logic!!!), I feel that it’s important that we pay-it-forward.

Here is my (stupid) reasoning… (really, it’s not really my fault to think stupid, if my logic doesn’t agree with yours, hey, don’t blame me, blame my stupid brain!)

Empathy and Compassion

Empathy doesn’t just come from understanding similar sufferings of others; it is to feel for others. Therefore, you don’t just empathize because you are in a similar bad situation; you empathize in whatever situation you are in. The heart must feel, and willing to feel.

For many of us, we make travel plans because we want to reward and pamper ourselves for all the hard work put in throughout the year. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, I feel that the more luxurious and fun the vacation (or celebration) is going to be, the more we should look out for opportunities to give back a little (or more!).

I woke, completely drained of energy, but I found myself googling for purposeful events to include in my itinerary (which is basically non-existent, who plans an itinerary for a 2 months vacation!  I say we play by ear and let me pretend to be a resident!). This entry is not about inflating my ego, it is about sharing a concept (as ridiculous and naive as it may be) that I find useful and workable. Clearly, I am not kind, I just want to be kind.

Be happy, stay happy, share and give happiness


Perhaps happiness comes in multilayered and depths of existence. Material and physical contentment can only go so far, but maybe if we try, the happiness can seep through deeper layers of being – soul.

Happiness lasts through sharing. Like passing the torch, the flame continues to burn and gives out warmth, only, if we choose to pass it along. Give whenever possible.

Simple act of kindness

Be realistic, not all of us are millionaires, but our money is as good as those of the billionaire’s. For some of us, we may not have enough money to go around, but that doesn’t mean we are deprived of the opportunities to help build a kinder society. Perform simple acts of kindness. Start by growing kind thoughts, when you think it enough, it becomes a natural process, and you will begin to act kindly. And with that, you have already put a brick to building a more compassionate world.

Contagion effect

You know, when you smile at people, many a times, they feel the ‘joy’ of it; or at least the positive energy from the smile. They smile back. (Don’t smile at the inappropriate moment or occasions, of course, exercise some common sense!)

What if we start to think of Happiness as a smile? What if I share and give happiness to others, and they give it back to me, and some others? The some others do the same, and creates a contagion effect.

Don’t be anonymous – Choose to INSPIRE

Every year, I create fund-raising campaign(s) to raise fund for some charitable organizations. It will be so much easier to just give money, by organizing the campaigns, my time to create and produce work is shortened (opportunity costs) and has a direct impact on my revenue – I am self-employed. Why do I choose to do it anyway?

Going back to the contagion effect, if we donate anonymously, there is nearly zero chance to create a domino effect. I choose to risk being criticized as pretentious, but I will spread the word. I am amongst the smallest players, but if I can choose to thin my butter and bread, so can other big players.

Most importantly, don’t be too full of yourself. No matter how much you can donate, it cannot beat collective efforts if more people are reached, thus the growing of more funds to be raised.

Choose instead, to make use of your presence to influence others to follow suit or be inspired to do more than you did!

I might do a simpler fund-raising campaign, if you see how my school and work schedules are jam-packed, you would understand. I would never want to do sloppy work; because that is not how I want to influence others.

Think about this concept for a bit, would you?


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