AirFried Mantou (Chinese Bun) for Breakfast

You would think we have grown tired of the AirFryer by now. Who knows! With a husband who loves junk food – so does my mother, so do I – we are still loving our AirFryer to bits!

My cousin, Eliz, who lives in Sydney, was on Facebook chat with me some time back, when I was posting too many food photos on my timeline, mostly airfried food! She recommended that I try airfrying man tou – 馒头 (Chinese steamed bun) which can be bought at most supermarkets in Singapore, in the frozen food section. It took me months to finally try this out, because mum hadn’t been able to find the buns.

First batch was set at 200 (turn switch on the top of the fryer) – time is not relevant, because we checked after 2 minutes. It was browned too rapidly leaving a small portion of the inside still cold.

Second batch was set to 160, and time set at 8 minutes – again, it’s irrelevant, I think I took them out by 4-5 minutes. It’s perfect! The second batch of buns were crispy on the outside, like a fresh toast; soft and warm in the inside.

I imagine the ones with filling would be more yummy, with the hot filling flowing out as you cut them open.

I don’t know about you, I don’t particularly enjoy steamed buns, I think it’s just me, I really don’t like the ‘sticky’ skin and occasionally soggy sides when the water gets to the skin.

Buy here: (We bought our Karcher steamer from this seller, reliable and cheap – they run promotion frequently, so keep an eye on the promototion)

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