3W Clinic Makeup Loose Powder

I have seen this 3W Clinic Makeup Loose Powder for a while now, but I have to say that the packaging is not very appealing.

I read rave reviews on the product and on other skincare/makeup review websites, and decided to take the plunge and try it out. In fact, there is not much to consider, the price tag is very small.

[The Missy Say]

It comes in 2 shades – #21 & #23; I bought both, and both shades suit me just fine, but #21 is probably the right shade, as #23 makes my skin a little darker. I am NC15 color profile. It can be quite ‘white’ on application, but it adjusts to my skin color after a while (oxidization, maybe).

The powder is super fine, so it really feels smooth on skin. I notice that it helps with sebum control too.

Some people described the scent as grandma’s perfume. I have no idea how does grandma’s perfume smell like, so I neither agree nor disagree. It is a little like talcum powder scent. The smell doesn’t stay forever though.

I’ve mentioned earlier that the packaging is unappealing, and I stand by that, so do many others. The cover is a turn close; it’s probably good if you are going to carry the powder, or traveling, it’s quite secured. The drawback (to me) is that I really don’t like turn cover, you know, sometimes you don’t close it properly and start to turn to lock it, and it is misaligned, then you have to unlock and try again.

Another reason I don’t like turn lock type cover is that I prefer to close the cover and then shake some powder out, so it’s quite trouble to have to always lock and unlock the cover. The powder is super fine, so it’s probably best that you shake the powder with the cover on (remove the sponge first), or you risk a floor of loose powder.

Barely, unless you have perfect skin, you’d probably need to wear at least a bb cream under it.

I will repurchase when it finishes.

If you prefer to touch up using loose powder, you’d want to buy the innisfree sebum control powder, and once it finishes (you can transfer the contents to another container), scoop some 3W Clinic Make-up Loose Powder into the small innisfree container. It’s small and comes with a puff, so it’s more convenient to tuck into your handbag or cosmetic pouch.

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