Blinc Heated Lash Curler

It is not uncommon that I get obsessed with something, now that I think I have tried enough BB creams, my obsession is moving on to the eyes related makeup/tools.

I have a few mascara now, I am hooked on heated lash curler. I doubt I will using falsies because I am tested allergic to the ‘sticky’ stuffs, especially if it is adhesive, that means they use more colophon in the product, I may go blind if I use adhesive around my eyes (dramatic exaggeration, but it can absolutely cause problem for me!)!

Like most Asian women, I have stick-straight fine lash (the fine is really just in my genes, I have very fine hair). I swear by Shu Uemura curler, but now I bring the heated lash curler out instead.

[The Missy’s Say]

The curler:
Blinc Heated Lash Curler has double heating coils, so it heats up faster and hotter.

The heat:
This can scald your eye lid if you put it too close, so you want to be careful not to let the curler be too near to your skin.

The effect:
First, if you have stick-straight lash, you will want to use a traditional squeeze curler first, but just be gentler than usual, don’t squeeze too hard. Then, apply mascara, wait for it to dry. Finally, use the heated curler. The curled lashes don’t last without mascara.

Very importantly, know that just combing your lashes up will not give you the kind of curve you want. The trick is to sweep up from the roots, and then stop in the middle of the lash, let it stay for 3-5 seconds, then place the curler on the ends of the lash, and ‘press’ them down, that way, you create a curl.

The instruction below is from Panasonic curler (I have that too, and will review soon, been super busy with school assignments and other stuffs), and it’s probably the best illustrated instruction.

See step 5, this where you press the tip down to create the curl.


Lasting power:
There is no perfect solution for straight lashes, especially if you live in South East Asia, where humidity is throughout the year. That said, the curls created from the heated curler are more natural and it has better lasting power as compared to the conventional curler.

Aside, the conventional curler tends to pull out some lashes in the midst of pressing, the heated curler doesn’t.

1. Always brush out the mascara residue on the comb of the curler, because that affects the effectiveness of the curler.

2. Get a lash condition if you are using heated curler everyday. (I will review on that too, I have so many overdue reviews!!)

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