BodyGuardz Ultra Tough Screen Protector for iPhone 5 | Product Review

BodyGuardz iPhone 5 SCRATCHGATE

This is my first iPhone, undoubtedly it is still very underutilized (that’s why I fail to understand the husband’s complaint about needing to charge the phone nearly everyday, that never happen to me!), but it’s a very sleek and cute phone with very familiar operating system!

I want to protect my phone, and not just with any cheap screen protector, but with one that receives rave reviews on the quality. I won’t lie, it costs more than many common ones in the market, but if we spend so much on a gadget, it makes no sense to get a cheap but useless protector, agree?

So, I ordered BodyGuardz Ultra Tough Protector for our iPhones. See, the husband is a rough handler – no, I am not kidding, he dropped his phone on the first day, and he dropped his iPad that the corner cracked! – so I want to make sure we get the ultimate toughest protection!

I ordered for the front only, pre-cut for casing (which means it’s trimmed slightly on the edges to make it suitable for most casing; without that, some casing may ‘curl’ the edges of the screen protector, making it unsightly).

BodyGuardz pack TWO pieces of the screen protector in the pack. There are several reasons why they do that. Firstly, if you are unfamiliar with installing screen protector, there is a chance that you might need the backup. Secondly, it’s just a nice gesture for you to have a backup piece in case you need to remove the protector for service or something.

I ordered one pack for the two of us.

Installing tips:

1. Try to install the protector in an air-conditioned room or dust-free room

2. Avoid the location that the air-con blows right at you

(I am suggesting that because in the air-conditioned room, you will have windows and doors closed, and standing away from where the air is blowing at will reduce the dust particles that fly around when installing the protector)

3. Get a small pail of clean water and place away from your device(s), but within reach

There are 2 ways to install the protector:

1. Dry application – simply stick on

2. Wet application – with the supplied gel and smooth out with the provided squeegee card

I opted for wet application because with wet application, you are able to move the protector if you misaligned it.

(Detailed instruction is provided in the pack; and on their website)

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you work in a non-dusty room, because once the protector catches lint or dust on it, it can be PERMANENT! The pail of clean water is just for quick cleaning of your hands. See, from the time that you wiped your hands with the provided cleaning sheet, and applied the gel on the protector, and installed on your phone, your hands may have caught some dust and transfered to the protector; or when your fingers became dry and you may transfer fingerprints on the sticky side of the protector.

When that happens, the pail of clean water acts as the emergency ‘kit’ for you to quickly dip your fingers in and shake off the excess. If there is dust or lint trapped on the protector, with wet fingers, apply more gel on the protector, and swiftly sweep off the dust/lint.

The Missy’s Say – After using for nearly two weeks now:

Fingerprints proofing – Quite efficient in resisting fingerprints, but even with a sweaty/greasy finger, the prints left on the protector can be easily wiped off (I know what you do, you sweep it off your sleeve or shirt, yes? That works too!)

Self-healing – Tested with nail impressions on the protector, self-healing takes a while, but can be expedited by ‘scratching’ the impressed areas to ‘smooth’ it out.

We plan to buy cases to accessorize the phone (what! It’s my first iPhone, I am entitled to dress it up pretty!) so I ordered with pre-cut for case option.

Shipping – We chose the most cost-effective shipping method, no tracking, but it arrives in 2 weeks, so it’s within acceptable range of delivery.

If you are looking for good protection, this is recommended!



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