Wild Rocket in Salad

The husband doesn’t dislike vegetables or salad like many men do, in fact, he loves his greens, but perhaps not more than his meat.

It started out with him having his regular dinner – packed from food court – while I made my salad. Then, he decided to give my salad a chance, and he liked it – still does.

Now we have salad for dinner on most evenings. I don’t have enough confidence that he will like my homemade tangy salad dressing, so I use one of my favorite salad dressings – Hellmann’s French dressing. (French dressing comes in quite a wide range of variety, but I like this best, the other is the Salad Magic french dressing – no oil)

Hellmann’s french dressing is tasty on its own, I could taste the garlic, parsley, and a light mustard in the mix. It’s perfect. Still, I like the dressing with a little more punch, so I always sprinkle some apple cider, and lots of sesame seeds to the mix.

One of my favorite greens is Wild Rocket – or a more classy way to spell it is Roquette. It’s rich in phytonutrients, high in antioxidant, and it’s known for it’s cancer-fighting properties. I like it for a simpler reason, I like the taste, period.

I also prefer my greens cut into smaller pieces, because I am not comfortable with disarray leaves reaching for anywhere but my mouth! You know how some big chunks of vegetables always fall from your fork/spoon, or how the leaves that are stained with dressing touching your skin around the mouth? I do have a serious problem with that, right, some people say I have compulsive disorder, guess I can’t contest to that.

This is how I made our dinner:



Wild Rocket

Green, and yellow capsicum

Red cabbage

Sunflower, and pumpkin seeds

Chicken pieces, fish fingers, or cod fish etc (ready to fry type from the frozen section, I am not exactly a cook, if you haven’t notice)

1. Place the chicken pieces on the tray, and into toaster (I use the small kitchen toaster, easy to clean, and does the job perfectly), set to toast. (My small toaster only has setting up to 15 mins, I usually turn 2 rounds – after the first round is up, of course) Check the chicken pieces intermittently to make sure they are not burnt, and to turn the pieces if need be.

2. While waiting for the chicken pieces to be ready, go on and prepare the vegetables. Wash and cut the vegetables into smaller pieces (you can just tear the lettuce if you prefer larger pieces), place in large bowl.


Hellmann’s french dressing (I add about 4 tablespoon for a large bowl of salad – 2 servings)

Extra virgin olive oil (just a little, say half a tablespoon – you can leave this out completely)

Apple cider (half or one tablespoon – it’s really to taste, if you don’t like your salad too sour, leave this out, as the Hellmann’s french dressing has a slight sour taste already)

Sesame seeds

1. Mix the french dressing, olive oil, and apple cider thoroughly. Add sesame seeds and mix again.


Empty the dressing into the bowl of cut vegetables, add sunflower, and pumpkin seeds (be creative, replace or add other nuts/seeds if you wish). Mix the contents well.

Transfer the mixed salad into serving plate. By now, the chicken pieces would have been ready. Serve with the chicken pieces. I like to place the chicken by the side, rather than on top of the vegetables, that way, the chicken remains crispy (the fluid in the vegetables can make the chicken soggy), and the vegetables remain crunchy and cool. (I dislike ‘warm’ vegetables, it’s weird.)

Personally, I think the salad suffice in supplying the balanced nutrients. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds are high in Omega-6; we are taking Omega-3 supplements. See, the thing about diet (yes, I tend to pretend that I am an expert, but know that I may not be right) is all about balance – so is everything in life, yes? I read that if we only take Omega-3 and have low Omega-6, it’s not exactly a healthy approach. The Omega-3 and 6 are healthy oils that helps us be healthier, but they only work best when they are balanced.

I can go on and google for all the health benefits of each ingredients, but to me, it’s just good taste. Just use the dressing in moderate portion, if you are planning to lose some weight.


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