Announcing exciting changes and introducing something new

It all started last July. I was cleaning up my LinkedIn profile and account as I planned to look for a short-term job before the impending relocation could happen. If I had not been working on the nearly abandoned LinkedIn account, I would have missed the great opportunity to connect with CARA Unmask co-founder, Bernard.… Read More Announcing exciting changes and introducing something new

I Am Asian

  Stereotypes are Just Categorization I don’t mean to bring up the race topic but it is the highlight in this post. I am Asian, and in many ways, my behaviours are shaped by my cultural background. Stereotypes are not necessarily a bad thing, they are just categorizations in the mind by creating mental heuristics.… Read More I Am Asian

The Promise

There is a philosopher in me, and it should not come as a surprise. I am an idealist and would die for a good romance. The basics of philosophy highlight the emotional self-awareness – the philosophical movement of romanticism. Although it opposes the rationalization derived from sciences to explain nature, such notion is seemingly fading.… Read More The Promise