Daily Psychology and Proactive Positive Mindset

On learning that I haven’t been doing anything psychological vocationally, people often express a disappointing tone as if I had wasted the years towards obtaining a psychology degree. Truth to be told, since my return to Singapore, things at home start getting broken, one by one, wave after wave. I even posted a status update… Read More Daily Psychology and Proactive Positive Mindset

Etude House Strawberry Sponge Curlers

Cute Curlers

I ordered the Etude House Strawberry Curlers on Qoo10 (use the search function to search for the strawberry sponge curlers for best deals); and this is not the first set of curlers (will blog about the other two soon) that I have bought.


The curlers pack comes in 4 big strawberry (cute!) sponges. There is opening in the body where you wrap your hair in. These sponge curlers are more suitable to achieve large curls, and really focus on the lower portion of your hair – Korean style.… Read More Etude House Strawberry Sponge Curlers

DIY Tips – Perfect Stamping, Everytime

I have always loved rubber stamps, and always will (I think). I wonder if decorative stationery represents a synthesis of cognitive and emotive meanings.

Personally, stamping is a desire to display sincerity in effort. All my life, I try hard, too hard, some people say. I don’t get understood by default; sometimes I wonder if I emit the scent of invitation to be misunderstood.

Stamping, is an expression that I truly put in an effort. Perhaps it’s a a humble way to say, I genuinely care. … Read More DIY Tips – Perfect Stamping, Everytime