Recipe: Easy Prata Sausage Rolls – Vegan-Friendly

I had two weeks of prata with curry when I got back to Perth, and I think it’s time to give that a break. I should have thought of that before buying a big pack of 20 pieces frozen prata dough. So, it’s time to be creative! I also went to the newly opened ALDI store and bought some vegan sausages so I thought perhaps I can make some prata sausage rolls! It was a randomized pre-sleep thought which haunted me throughout my sleep in the form of a *problem-solving dream. I have many of these dreams – I dream every night, and I usually remember my dreams; it is by far the most effective thought process for me because there is a minimal distraction when I am sleeping, which activates a hyper-focus mode to isolate components that are useful in solving problems and organizing otherwise misplaced ideas. Once, I scored a high distinction essay in the business marketing module after I took a nap and got all the messy points organized and beautifully structured!

*One of the dream theories depicts that the lucid dreams occur to help solve the problems that preoccupy our waking moments.

So, this is my prata sauage rolls that turned out quite well! I found out later that it’s not exactly a genius or new idea, but well, it’s new to me! With that in mind, we can also use the prata dough to make vegan-friendly curry puffs or pie!


[cooked-recipe id=”5235″]

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