Recipe: Vegan-Friendly Char Siew Bao – BBQ Pork Steamed Buns

I would be quite a picky eater if you asked my mother. I didn’t have to cook when I lived in Singapore because my mother did the cooking and food is just too readily available! More importantly, it’s way too hot and humid to hover around the hot stove in Singapore’s climate. Things had changed when I moved abroad to live independently, and the food is expensive and not as easily accessible since I don’t drive. Solution? I started cooking!

The boy adopts a vegan diet, and I want to let him try all the different Asian and South East Asian delicacies, and the only effective way is to veganized the recipes that originally used meat or dairy products. Being an astute picky eater with sensory sensitivity to tastes and smells then come to good use. I am quite capable of duplicating the flavor and texture as closely as my memory serves.

I made the buns small because we only have small steaming baskets, and my personal preference is using the steaming basket that comes with the rice cooker (see “gallery” for photo reference). If you make bigger buns, you may get approximately 28 buns; my small buns are about three bites size, and I get 56 buns from this recipe.


[cooked-recipe id=”5192″]

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