Whirlwind into 2017

2016 saw dramatic changes of my relocation from Perth to Denmark. It was meant to be a 6 months stay which extended to a year. If I had kept my original plan, I would be leaving Denmark for Singapore a day before Valentine’s day.

2016 ended with a visit in Copenhagen, a “field trip” as described in the lesson plan of my Scandinavian Studies unit. It was an interesting trip.

Included in the itinerary is the visit to the Design Museum with one of our lecturers as the guide providing educational information about the designers and historical events that shifted the cultures in Scandinavia countries.

The second and also the last stop was to the Parliament House which was once the residence to the royal family. We met with a member of the Parliament (I can’t remember his designation) and were given generous information about the political scenes in Denmark. I am not complaining about the generosity of the information, I adore history.

I thought it was going to be a dreadful Christmas, considering how things had been going in my messy life. It was the happiest Christmas in a long time. I fell in love with a wonderful person; the only regret was that we were physically separated, but we remained close in spirit. We are not perfect people, but we are perfect for each other.

The new love selected a range of very thoughtful gifts and a very endearing card. He even attempted my Chinese name. Gifts are not more valuable in the price tags (well, let’s say, in the case of romance), but the amount of thoughtfulness that goes into them. Each gift had been lovingly chosen for me.

One of my favorite and comfort movies is Twilight, and the boy has not watched any, clearly the movie is too cheesy for his liking. Despite that, he chose a Bella Swan figure in her wedding dress, for the same reason I would – that is the prettiest figure as compared to her casual wear. We share very similar aesthetic values in many things. The little Japanese doll symbolises gentleness, a quality we both share and the kind of quality we would like in a relationship. The card was a handmade card illustrating coziness and warmth, a very endearing image as we are both introverted, so we would be spending a lot of time indoors.

Things I did not get to complete in Denmark and possibly not pursuing:
1. Learn to ride a bicycle

2. Learn Danish language

I have not learnt how to bike, for some reasons, this task has been hindered by many obstacles. Either my original booking for bike lessons was fully taken up or that I was promised private bike lessons that were met with much challenges.

While learning a new language is exciting on our free time, it quickly becomes a mental stress and burden when we are also learning other stuffs in school or adjusting to new environment. So, my Danish language learning has been stunted and eventually I decide to focus on my schoolwork and new love life.

What is fun to learn though is picking up new crafting hobby! Admittedly, it was inspired by love, but it swiftly becomes a soothing obsession! See, people don’t write letters using paper anymore, so after scouring shops around and not so around my area for nice writing papers but to no avail, I gave up. I decide to bind papers using embroidery techniques so that ordinary looking papers look more decorated and unique. It is a very time-intensive project as it sometimes takes more than an hour or two to finish one letter stack. It is truly gratifying though.

I love the cold weather in winter, but I am also very susceptible to catching a severe cold made worse by allergies to cigarette smoke that lingers in the hallway or room due to poor ventilation in the building since everyone is shutting the doors and windows to keep the cold out.

My most recent cold has developed into a nagging series of episodes of excessive sneezing so much so that I was sneezing blood and I was shocked to see a bruised nose due to pinching of nose when sneezing or blowing mucus. The excessive sneezing must have caused some infection that invokes low fever on and off. It’s been days, and I am not fully recovered.

My hair has reached the “awkward” phase whereby it is starting to curl in all directions, and it is annoying me on end. So, I tried to style it with bobby pins; not much of a success really, but well, I will have to make do.

My eyes looked tired, well, I have been struggling with sleep pattern, and I only slept for 3 hours that day when I took this photo. The problem with short hair is wearing beanie. This is a slouchy beanie that I made for myself, The rim of the beanie presses the hair ends against the neck making them curl in odd position. I have decided to keep my hair longer to below shoulder length – because shoulder length is still within the awkward phase.

I have most certainly put on some weight during the semester break when there was less walking and more snacking – I need to quit snacking! My face is more plumped up, and I am not sure if it is due to weight gain or the needle roller (derma roller) that I have been using to help generate collagen.

So, 2017 is actually looking pretty good for me. I have set new directions (in fact, it is decided half way into blogging this post) and I am feeling really happy.

Summing up, for 2017:
1. Keep longer hair

2. Stop snacking

3. Continue abstaining from alcohol – but little treats are allowed!

4. Pass the units with flying colors – by the way, I have passed previous semester beautifully!

5. Continue resisting ageing – well, that’s the most challenging goal!

6. Make positive changes for a brighter and happier future!

If you are still celebrating the Chinese New Year, I hope you have been feasting healthily and enjoying the social get-together – not what I would enjoy!


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