Vampire Walk – Limited by the Sun

The weather is taking a cooler turn, and I thought it would be such a good idea to take a mini “exploration” into the forest-ish trail to clear my head for a bit.

So, I am clad in my favorite red jacket (which is my only jacket as I decided to leave all my thick warm coats behind during my transit in Singapore due to luggage weight limitation), put on my noise-cancelling Sony wireless ear phones. I was so ready to take a route less travelled (by me!) and was so pumped with the spirit of adventures!

There, I head out with my fit-flop shoes (because I also decided to leave my sneakers behind!), confident and enthusiastic! I go into the kitchen full of people, but I am all smiley and fearless!

Imagine this…

“The little red riding hood is heading out for an adventure into the woods!”


So I take the trail from the back of my apartment, as I vaguely remembered it splits into mysterious trails into the wilderness – ok ok, it’s more like my bewilderedness.

Well well, it sure looks pretty good. Not a single soul in sight, so serene and almost filled with mythical creatures (in my imagination, of course!). In a short distance, my poetic flair starts to (free) flow. I have a hunch, crucially important decisions will be made here and now. My future will change from this point, forever! (Ok, maybe not forever forever, but rather radically!)


I feel hyped. Even the Sun seems extraordinarily persuasive in inviting me to break out of my comfort zone and perhaps, maybe, possibly, I may just walk into the Sun, through the unmanned route – or not. I am going to need some (lots of) alcohol to give scaredy red riding hood a boost in courage. So, it is just a fleeting idea.. Moving on.


I am feeling very good about this “adventure”. I have no water, no money, no credit card, but I have a phone, ear phone, keys and useless temporary enthusiasm. That is so un-me! But well, I am now here, I might as well make the most of it.

Oh no! Not so far away, the mysterious path is becoming unmysterious! The lighted end can only mean one thing – the forest trail is ending!

From the red riding hood, I transform into a vampire in red hoodie! I mean, seriously, I am going right into the open space – have you not watched Twilight? I may sparkle like a diamond! People will know!. Yup, the last part is the theatrics that played out in my head in grandness you cannot imagine!


The Sun is seeping through the trees, like sneaky piercing swords coming through the woods. The Sun is out to get me, another Sun (to be clear, my last name is Sun) – pun intended!

I am overwhelmed by the beauty of nature, so I can’t help but to capture a still image of the (not so) covert affair of the Sun with the trees in the woods. I know, this probably happens every day, more so we should take a photo to show to the Moon! I am pretty sure the Moon has some romances with the woods, and I am quite sure the Moon has been suspicious of the woods!

Now, I am really in a high spirit to continue further.

“O’ Forest, take me to the neverland, to where the big bad wolf may be waiting. To the old grandmama who lives in a sweet cozy cottage house, preferably with freshly baked Danish pastries, and wines, lots of wines.”.


Nope! Not happening! See the overlapped tracks? Yup! Sorry big bad wolf, and sweet grandmama, the red riding vampire hood cannot come today. There is a wide and long track that would expose me to the hot bright sun! After (not) much contemplation, I turn back to the dark and welcoming trail.

Now, my secret is safe.. No one will see the sparkles! I will live another day as a(n imagined) vampire!

Really, I don’t do Sun. My skin doesn’t really sparkle – although people had had commented that I glow in the Sun, and my former colleague was freaked out when he was parking his car and saw a glowing ghost by the window of the pantry room – but it might as well be. My skin feels burnt near the slightest heat, so it might as well be sparkling with flames, because it sure feels like that!

There, my 30-minutes adventure not far from my apartment. I make all the decisions at the cross-roads based on avoiding where the Sun seems to be shining!

Heading back, all these conjunctures form a funny story in my head, and all this time, no one was around to witness my “courage”, but just when I decide to smirk like an idiot, a bunch of riders appeared! Move along, there is nothing to see here, it’s just a weird Asian with very imaginative mind. ?


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