Mix-Your-Own Clay Mask with Essential Oils


I bought the Now Solutions Clay Powder when I was on my vacation at Bend, Oregon. I only used it once while there, and then, life got really hectic, and then, I was busy relocating to Perth!

Now that I am more ‘settled in’, I start using the clay mask again, but more ‘adventurous’ with the mixture. I added Aura Cacia lavender oil, jojoba oil to the mixture (one tablespoon of powder + 1 tablespoon of water – the manufacturer recommends 1 teaspoon water, but I have found that it’s not sufficient).

I definitely love the scent, but lavender oil can make the skin more sensitive and photosensitive, so be sure to put on sunscreen in the day. Overall, it felt very therapeutic and relaxing.

*Google for lavender oil benefits, there are may different claims.


My skin is sensitive, and usually breaks under stress – assignment stress! Lavender oil was a little much, so I ventured into something ‘milder’.

(Clay Powder + Water mix) + small amount of jojoba oil (didn’t measure, just one ’squeeze’ from the bottle) + one pump of tamanu oil + 5 drops of rose absolute oil.

Tamanu oil is said to have many benefits for skin, such as anti-ageing, nourishing, getting rid of acne, acne marks/scars, skin rashes, dermatitis etc.. Rose absolute oil is usually diluted (most essential oil must be diluted before using on skin); it’s the cheaper version of rose oil, while rose otto oil is the more costly (very expensive!) one. It is said to  balance the moisture of skin, promotes even skin tone and reduces skin imperfections.

This is currently my favourite mix, and I do see good results!

Well, personally, I love the scent of rose, it’s very gentle and often brings me (through imagination!) to old English civilisations.



Mixing: Mixing is quite easy, although it says mix the powder the and water and add the oils to the mixture, Often times, I just mix everything in together, and add more water if it’s clumpy.

Spread: Due to the oil residue, distributing evenly on face takes a bit of patience and ‘feathery’ brush, including some patting because when you brush, you may actually take off the mask instead of putting it on. I use a mask brush, but I guess a wooden spatula stick should work too.

Time: Leave for 15-20 (I usually leave it for 20 mins), and rinse off with water.

Result: I feel that there is a brightening effect, and even after first use, I find some marks lighter and skin tone more even (hence my current favourite formula!). Since I added jojoba oil, it leaves a smooth moisturising touch, yet not oily.

Note: The use of jojoba oil is for drier skin; and Australia is drier as compared to Singapore, so my skin is drier since I came here; age is not helping!

How are you using the clay? Share your experiences!

Shopping guide:

Now Solutions European Clay Powder

Aura Cacia Jojoba oil

Aura Cacia Lavender oil

Aura Cacai Tamanu oil

Now Solutions Rose Absolute oil


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