East Marries West Chicken Bolognese


I cook pretty well (yes, thick-skin is part of my specialties, deal with it 😛 ), now that I am in Perth. Although I have a housemate now, she is non-intrusive, and I am still just awkward. For some reasons, I am ok, I just do my things and I stop thinking about what to do with making things less awkward. The key to accepting yourself is.. to accept yourself as a whole. Period.

Ok so I should probably be reading textbook, and my housemate is quite hardworking, which makes me feel more conscious about my studying pattern. I never learnt how to study (I kid you not, it’s a genuine problem), I just paid attention in class and took exams. One could then deduce that I may actually perform better academically if I had known how to study.

Until that happens, this is me in Perth. Cooking and crocheting.

I bought 2 cask wines – well, I am trying to live more frugally (whatever that means) and I still want wine, so I go for cheap wines and hoard when they go on sale! – but really, I have never really tried sweet wine, and when I was ordering online, the description was very limited, the image was small! So, I ended up with 10 litre worth of sweet red wine, and I hate it! So, I scoured the internet for recipe!

Excited, I ordered a bunch of ingredients!


The recipe calls for can of diced tomatoes. I ordered one. Problem with people like me who is totally insensitive to numbers is that I had totally disregarded the quantity! I would need 1.5 can of diced tomatoes, I only ordered one can. To make matter worse, I don’t have a can opener! Well, so, my survival instinct kicked in and searched for my swiss army (alike) gadget, and plied open the can!



The original recipe can be found on taste.com, I have heavily modified the ingredients for different reasons.

1 tbs of olive oil

1 large onion chopped

3 cloves of garlic, crushed

50 grams of turkey/leg ham

500 grams of chicken mince

1 cup of vegetable/chicken stock

1 cup of sweet red wine

400 grams of diced tomatoes

1 ¼ cup of ketchup

dash of paprika

1 tbs of oregano (would have used bay leaves if I had)

Salt and pepper to taste


Heat olive oil, cook onions, garlic and ham for 5 mins in medium heat, turn up the heat and add chicken mince, cook until onions are browned and chicken mince are not ‘sticky’.

Add chicken stock.


Add red wine.



Add diced tomatoes and ketchup. Bring to boil.



Then turn the heat low, simmer with partially covered lid. Simmer for 1.5-2 hours, stir occasionally.


You can use regular spaghetti, but I am weird, so I use the Chinese egg noodles! you only need to cook in boiling water for 25 seconds, remove from boiling water with drainer and run it with cold water, then put it back into the boiling water for another 5-10 seconds. Drain well.


Pour the bolognese sauce on the noodles. Voila! Oriental chicken bolognese. You can add parmesan cheese if you like, I am not a fan.

It’s so good! You can probably have this with steamed rice too, I don’t know, I have low tolerance for starch, so I don’t eat rice much. I know, it’s like the staple food for Asians, see, I’ve told you, I am weird!

Now, I will go work on the crochet. Right, I should be reading the textbook for tomorrow lecture? Ok, I promise to do it after the lecture, after my consultation with the student advisor. 😛


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