Time and Food


I am working on a new design – see the sketch – and one thing led to another (as always!), I see a relationship between time and food, more accurately, the duration of our life span and concept of food.

Abundance vs. Scarcity

When we were young, we made (probably still making) the same mistake in assuming that we still have a long way ahead of us. We take things, and especially time, for granted; thus the association of time with food supplies.

If we had a warehouse full of foodstuffs, so much so that it suffices to feed a small nation for a century, food would be the last thing that we allocate our mental capacity. In many ways, the warehouse of foodstuffs is like our perception and mentality towards the amount of time we have.
If we lived from meal to meal, we would be more mindful of the portions and affordability of the food. If we only had little time left, we are more likely to make meaningful decisions about how we spend what’s left of life.

Thwarted Concept

When coming up with the new design, I decided on an old couple in wedding attires. They could be newly married, remarried, or renewing their vows.

I was going with the ‘safe’ colours for senior citizens – age appropriateness. I changed my mind. When we were younger, we were allowed to wear bright coloured clothes, and be flamboyant, but when we grow older, the societal norms – that are clearly changing drastically – decide that we tone down, tuck away the playfulness, and be more matured and responsible (yeah, people do group things together).

When we reach our golden age, we are given faded coloured clothes; perhaps people think such shades fit the fading life?


Beginning of the End

Realising that there is an impending end is the not scariest thing, it should be the most liberated thought. It’s not remotely a myth. We all die; we just refuse to talk about the end. When we finally visualise an ‘end’, it’s beginning of true living!

Who says old people have to dress down? I decide to give the old couple brightly coloured attires, as though honouring them the right – in the final lap – to claim happiness and vibrancy of life!

Myth of Abundance

Death is not solely applicable to old age. None of us knows when are we dying – except for the small group of people who chooses the euthanasia, and even that can be met with surprise – so none of us has the abundance of time.

Even if we were promised bountiful supply of food, food perishes. Unlike a warehouse, life doesn’t get replenished. Well, we saw that on movies, but that is not real (not yet!). So, this new design is perhaps my statement of expression in discontent with societal norms.
Let old people get married, old age has nothing to do with love. Let old wedding couples wed bright and loud. Give people their right to be happy.

I guess being old and alone makes a very odd combination. Being old and single is somewhat acceptable as long as you have a child or children. For some reasons, offsprings earn you an accomplishment badge. So, this is probably a personal projection. I am getting older, but I will be allowed to fall in love and stay in love, even if that comes much later; when that day comes, I will love unreservedly. Any age is appropriate for a love, even romantic love.

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