Choosy Eater Makes Decent Cook

Things in Perth are still volatile, I am not quite settled in, but that doesn’t mean I don’t continue to make the most out of it.


Back home, I didn’t cook, but when I did, I cooked pretty well. It’s just not easy to cook in a kitchen that is not my ‘set up’. I love spices and herbs, some eastern but mostly western. My mother is the opposite. In my opinion, kitchen is very personal – but well, everything is personal to me!

When I traveled to Bend, Oregon (US), my good friend, Cindy, was bold enough to let me use her kitchen and even ‘authorised’ me to bake on my own. Later, she asked if I could cook for lunch! She is one very trusting person! (I didn’t even trust myself half as much as she, me)

Then, more ‘trainings’ in Denmark. So, if you were to ask me what I got the most out of the 3 months winter vacation, cooking and baking, definitely!

Now, if you try to make meaning of life, you will find meaning. Let’s say, that vacation was indeed an informal training for my independent living in Perth, now.


I am quite a picky eater. In my defence (of course, I always defend myself! Why wouldn’t I?), I have this hyper sensitivity in nearly everything, so I’d like to think that my taste buds sensitivity is heightened too.

With that ‘innate talent’ paired with excellent episodic memory – good food leaves an imprint on the memory!, I am quite capable of replicating the food I tasted. I can taste very subtle ingredients.

Now that I am in Perth alone, I cook to feed myself. The lectures will start next week, I don’t really have lots of time on hand, especially with the orientation and the figuring out things – and the ‘lost adventures’ (which I am planing to blog, but it’s a longer blog, so I’ll keep it till things settled) didn’t help at all!

I ordered a bunch of groceries from Coles online (it’s unbelievable that my skin is so annoyingly sensitive, I keep getting sun rash – severe and less severe – from time to time because of the blazing hot summer sun!) and the ingredients I need to make the Teriyaki Chicken Meatballs from Just One Cookbook!


I followed the instructions, but modified a little. I added a little more chicken meat, because the mixture seemed too meat-less.


I was super excited when the meatballs started to look like meatballs! I tried to contain my excitement, because at the corner of my eyes, I spotted my neighbors from across my apartment (their balcony faces my kitchen) looking this way!


And my chicken meatballs are a fantastic success!!!

P.S.: The sides looked burnt, in my defence (again), they weren’t burnt, they were browned, but after adding the teriyaki sauce and adding photo filter to the photo, they looked burnt.

Taste: Marvelicoius! Yums (so good!)

I ordered a set of cheap saucepans (I really should watch my spending, especially that more expenses are expected – textbooks etc. Psychology textbooks are so expensive!) to cook soup. I plan to cook on non-lectures days, and cook in larger portion, so that I can just heat up the food on days that I have lectures and tutorials.

We cannot control everything, but we can try to manage stress by managing foreseeable events; that way, I can allow more space for variables like last minute whatever. You know, life happens.

I am excellent in designing and developing coping methods, and sometimes this makes people forget that I have genuine challenges. Perhaps, I will focus on that area to help others with developmental challenges.

Meanwhile, try out the recipe, it’s easy to make, tasty to eat!


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