Sample Store – BB creams and Mask


This is my first purchase on (Singapore users only). I had no idea how it worked before.


Then, I decided to check it out anyway. As the name suggests, it’s a sample store. The samples are free, but you pay for the shipping and handling fee. You can’t get all the samples, you ‘redeem’ the samples that you want (up to 4 samples per checkout) with the point you have earned. On registration, you get enough points to checkout the maximum 4 samples, which is clearly more cost effective to justify the shipping fee.

You continue to earn the points by posting reviews on their website. Then, the cycle repeats. I have not posted any reviews yet, since I just received the package, so I have no idea how many points are rewarded.

I ordered:

Dr Jart Dis-a-pore Bb

Gowoonsesang Brightening Balm Spf 30 Pa++

Elishacoy Premium Gold Mineral Bb Cream

Lovemore Deep Sea Water Hydrating Mask

I will try them out, but I am guessing that it’s going to take a while. I have this common obsession like many women, in hoarding TOO MANY beauty products.

I have always wanted to try Dr Jart bb cream, so I am quite excited! Monday, perhaps. 😛


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