Home Remedy – Hot Oil for Damaged Hair

I was not kidding when I mentioned that I am experimenting obsessively with home remedy to restore lustre and life to my fried hair.

I have tried many, and will put them up soon, but I want to skip right to the one treatment that instantly revive some life to my dying hair shafts – the hot oil treatment for damaged hair!



1. Nutiva organic extra virgin coconut oil x 2 tbsps (adjust accordingly to hair volume and length)

* Alternatively, use the new refined coconut oil from Nutiva that has no coconut flavour or scent, if you were concerned about the scent. I mean, I understand not everyone is a fan of coconut scent.

2. Aura Cacia Apricot Kernel oil x 1 tbsps

3. Now Castor Oil x 1 tbsp

4. Now Pure Rosemary essential oil x 10 drops

5. Hot water


1. Container

2. Test tube (or a smaller container; glass would work better though)

3. Shower cap

4. (Optional) Container with applicator


Mix the oils well; if using applicator container, you can just shake it.


Pour boiling water into the larger container, submerge the test tube (or your choice of container) into the hot water for 5 mins. Alternatively, you can just use a microwave safe container, pour the oil mixtures into the container and microwave for 2 minutes (but be very careful when applying the oil, be very sure that it’s not scalding hot!).

** Winter/cold climate **

If you live in the colder climate, the coconut oil is probably in solid state, the microwave method would work better; but if you opt to use the hot water method, you will need a wide mouth container instead of test tube, and you can only mix it when the coconut oil is melted into liquid state.

Wet hair and towel dry. Apply oil blend (make sure it’s not too hot to touch) to hair. I avoid applying to the scalp, and apply more heavily from mid shaft where I permed my hair. You may want to concentrate on the more damaged parts of your hair, including ends.

Cover with shower cap for 30 minutes (1 hour). For best result, you may want to cover your head with hot towel (I skip this part altogether, I have low tolerant for heat). Heat helps the oil to penetrate more deeply into your hair.

Wash your hair as usual, and condition – I add some jojoba oil to the conditioner for extra punch. Rinse and towel dry. It’s important that you don’t ‘rub’ your hair dry, just squeeze the hair dry with thick towel.


I absolutely love this hot oil treatment! My hair is softer immediately after first use. I am using the hot oil treatment once every three days now, because my hair is really damaged. I plan to continue to use the treatment every fortnight when my hair is (hopefully) recovered.

About the Oils:

Coconut oil is very nourishing, and due to the molecular structure, it reconditions the dry and damaged hair very effectively. The capric acid, vitamin E, and lauric acid aid in restoring the hair’s vitality and strength.

Castor oil is high in ricinoleic acid and omega 9 fatty acid; the earlier is a natural antibacterial and anti-fungal agent that helps in hair growth, the latter helps to nourish the hair and follicle. Accordingly, it aids in adding glossy effect to hair.

Apricot Kernel Oil contains linoleum acid and oleic acid that are unsaturated fats, and is rich in vitamin B17, A, C, E, which are effective ingredients for hair care. This oil helps to cure split ends and treat exceptionally dry hair.

Rosemary essential oil is commonly used to stimulate hair growth and hair health.



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