Etude House Strawberry Sponge Curlers

I have ‘acquired’ two new obsessions, and they are not all bad, at least one of them is more of a ‘preserving’ factor.

In my previous post on Oil Cleansing Method, I mentioned that I permed my hair. I was very subtle about ‘dryer’ hair, my hair is coarse and damaged! Well, considering that I put it through a bit of hell over the (less than) one year period.. here goes the arduous and torturous journey of my hair..


The Rebond…

I did a soft rebond (for the first time in my life!) in September 2013… It really means straight perm, so it really means lots of harsh chemicals. Well, I kind of liked that it’s always tamed and tidy!

I have genetic gray hair problem since I was a child, so I colour my hair once every few months.


Hardly a year…

It has hardly crossed a year’s mark since I rebonded my hair. Did I mention I spent 3 months in States and Denmark? It’s not nearly as bad as summer but Oregon is a lot dryer as compared to Singapore (and Denmark). I decided, anyway, to perm my hair! No wonder it’s staging a riot against me.

My hair is now frizzy and coarse. 😦 I don’t do bad hair well, ever. So, the perm didn’t turn out as beautifully as I hoped, but, all is not lost (I am relentless and I will exhaust all resources before resorting to the last resort – cut it short!), we can always ‘shape’ the curls! (While I am still striving in the salvage effort to restore some lustre and hydration to my poor hair, using homemade remedies – think avocado, aloe vera, banana, eggs, olive oil, coconut oil, yoghurt, grapeseed oil, apricot kernel oil, essential oils etc)

There, the reason (justification) to my newest obsession with curlers – cute curlers, to be exact.

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Cute Curlers

I ordered the Etude House Strawberry Curlers on Qoo10 (use the search function to search for the strawberry sponge curlers for best deals); and this is not the first set of curlers (will blog about the other two soon) that I have bought.


The curlers pack comes in 4 big strawberry (cute!) sponges. There is opening in the body where you wrap your hair in. These sponge curlers are more suitable to achieve large curls, and really focus on the lower portion of your hair – Korean style.


Depending on your hair length, and thickness, and what you want to achieve.

1. From experiences, I say, use spray bottle to spray water to your dry hair instead of having damp hair. It’s more effective because too much water means very long wait, and your hair may remain damp after an hour! (and they won’t curl)

2. After spraying water on your hair, apply some styling products to hold the curled curls.

3. I started at the length slightly under my ears, and started to coil around and into the ‘opening’ of the body, and tuck the ends to the ‘slit’.

4. The curlers are very light, and cute to wear, even if you have roomy, it’s not too bad, they are cute! Leave them for an hour (or longer).

5. If you have pin straight hair, I think it would be good to apply some heat to the curlers (hairdryer). Or if you had sprayed too much water. Otherwise, just check if your hair has dried, and un-coil!

6. You can apply more styling products if you want, as you loosen and ‘crunch’ the curls. The tricky part is the ends, so if you have a heated curler, you can use it just for the ends.

* Personally, I think it’s ideal to order 2 packs, because even for my fine (and not much) hair, partitioning into 4 sections is too heavy to coil into a strawberry sponge. Aside, my hair is considerably long.


The coiling part is crucial. I had some ‘sharp folds’ probably because each section is quite thick, so I ‘squeezed’ the hair into the sponge.  It’s my first attempt, but I am quite pleased with the curls, except that I probably need 2 more curlers for more even curls.

I like the large curls, but remember that I have permed hair, so it could be quite different for straight hair – more styling products might be needed.

I am terrible in the ‘twirling’ of the curls, so I think I will just depend on cute curlers to help with the styling, and especially that my hair is frizzy, finger styling is not working so well for me.

Have you used these, what’s your advice?

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