Peripera Lip Tint Water Review


I have been buying stuffs, I just don’t have time to post any reviews. 😦

I should be doing assignment, but I am very distracted now, so I thought I’d post this up instead.

Product – Peripera Lip Tint Water #Pink Juice

Texture: As the name suggests, it really is ‘water’.

Application: The tint comes with an applicator, but I dab the lip tint in to the lips with finger.

Staying power: Personally, I like it faint, and I don’t really eat much when I am out (at least not recently, so this is not put to test that way). I wore this for 6-7 hours, and I only reapplied once; and recoated the lip butter many times over (dry lips!).

Price point: Cheap, I think. I have no concept of money, but I paid less than S$7, so that’s very affordable to me.

Scent: A light berry scent, which is quite alright. (I tried their Jelly, and gave it away after first application, it was heavily scented with perfume fragrance, it was overwhelming!)

Repurchase: Already ordered another colour – Cherry Juice; and tint balm.


It’s very important that you apply the water on unconditioned lips; lip tint is the same as lip stain, and for the stain to work, the surface ought to be dry. If you conditioned your lips, the colour will not stay.

Also, you may want to dab the tint towards the inner part of the lip – just the trendier way now, and then spread a little outwards. Coat it with lip butter or lip gloss after the tint is more or less ‘absorbed’ into the skin. That way you get a natural and healthy lip colour.

For full lip color – go for a real lip stick. Sorry, this is just not the kind of lip colour you want for that purpose. 😛


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Basically, the lip colour is really water based, and I coat it with palmer’s lip butter which is really conditioning and has a very nice glossy effect; you can either rub or dab the tint into the skin.

The last image is the result of epic fail to pose for a friend to show the lip colour. I have thin lips, so the colour really doesn’t show up nicely; so, I attempted the pout that I see friends posing on photos all the times. Oh man, it was such a difficult task to do! I swear I took at least 12 shots from different angles and lightings, this is the more decent one. The attempted pout turned out to be more of a grouch; but I can live with that. I am just not a natural pout-or!

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