My Birthday is 17 October, Conspire Away, Please!

My birthday is not until 17 October, but something came through the mail today! I opened and I literally laughed out loud!

I spent about 5 minutes detangling the ‘treasures’, and then when I looked through each of the findings, stories and meaningful constructs started to build in my head, and I laughed at each of them. Impeccably and so aptly chosen!

I have to say, it’s one of the most whimsical yet endearing, and absolutely CRAZY gifts that I have received – EVER!!! The gift comes with an ‘instruction’ card, and funny message. I love my crazy friends!!

Let me connect the dots and try to decipher the meanings of them…

#1 – Crown

Needless to say, I am feeling so princessy and queeny lately, this cannot come more timely! Aside, I am indeed quite a dictator, when I decide, you can say until the cow comes home, it is unlikely to change my mind; also, I am also commonly known amongst friends as the Queen of Online Shopping!

# Wine glass

Before I start saying anything, it’s important that you know I don’t have a drinking problem (at least that’s my argument, still!). I don’t know about you, but I cannot imagine what life could be without wine and whisky. I ‘appreciate’ the finer things in life, and wine is amongst them.

# Handbags

Say, I am not so much a handbag girl, but the bag can mean shopping money! Seriously, I don’t window shop much, but I am great with clicking the mouse and drag it to point to ‘add to cart’ ‘checkout’ ‘payment’!

# Key to Heart

I am a nice person, at least I try – hey, that’s an effort there, no judging! – say, my friends although crazy and fun, they must feel that only the well deserved man who proves his loyalty and worth, deserves the key to my heart. The good news is, the heart is not exactly locked, but with the key, you open to a new world of amazements, and craziness. I really don’t do uncrazy, just saying! Expect the unnormal, and you will be just fine, trust me.

# Spectacles

There are moments of braininess, not as frequent as I would hoped for, but trust me, there are such moments when it almost feels like out-of-body experiences and I transformed into a geeky Missy who tweaks with scripts and codes, and do all things geeky. Maybe I like the idea of looking smart. I am so going to get a pair of black geeky spectacles (not kidding!)!

# Large Precious Gem

I am just going to come out and be shameless (what! It’s my birthday-ish, I get to do whatever I want – fine, on other days, I still get to do whatever I want, bite me!) about this. I am quite a precious and rare (definitely, absolutely indisputable on that!) gem. I mean, who gets lost in a multi-storey car park? (ME!!!) The one thing I am always proud of is that I am a loyal and sincere friend, always.

So, all in all, I might not wear the necklace – really, I am horrible with accessories and I have absolutely no fashion sense! – but this makes such a nice decoration. Love love love it!

This is a beautiful ‘conspiracy’ between the most amazing Queen Belinda (of and Empress Debbie (of Thank you, my crazy friends, you know I love you, right?

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