iFragrance 2600mAh Portable Power Bank Charger

I am out and about (too much!) these days, and I have jumped from being ‘socially dormant’ to ‘socially hyperactive (in my context!)’. I need my iPhone to be juiced up on the go.

I blogged about the portable power bank a while back and the only complaint was that it is too bulky and heavy. However, that is a wonderful gadget if you are going to be out all day.

Since I am out for shorter hours on most days (mail runs + school; or tea with friend(s) + school), I don’t want to lug the heavy power bank in my already super heavy bag!

So, I bought a smaller power bank – iFragrance 2600mAh Portable Power Bank Charger!

[The Missy’s Say]

Handy, and quite pretty looking, if I may say. I would love yellow or white, but they only had pink left. Pink is alright.

Quick charging – sorry, time-keeping is never my forte, but it’s reasonably quick to me. I am a very busy person, I don’t stare at the battery the whole time. 😛

LED Light: 
Not the best power bank out there. The LED light only serves one purpose – recharging; it changes from red to blue to indicate it’s fully charged. It doesn’t lit when you plug your device to charge from the power bank, so you have to check on your device to see if it’s fully charged, or not charging (empty juice power bank)!

Charging capacity:
One time charge for iPhone 5.
*Definitely not for iPad, didn’t try on iPad mini, but I am guessing that it won’t give these devices full charge.

Overall performance satisfaction:
It serves the purpose for me, one charge is what I need, but the downside is that there is no indication of batter level in the power bank, so I have to recharge the power band after each use. I imagine that is a little waste of energy.

The bulkier portable power bank  is able to charge up to 3-4 charges for iPhone 5 (3 charges when I am also using the phone while charging).

I would probably still search for another small portable power bank which indicates the bars of power left in the power bank. This works just fine now!


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