Banila Co Prime Primer Classic Matte

A good friend, Debbie – another beauty junkie aside from Cynthia – showed me a deal on Banila Co Prime Primer, and asked if I had used it before.

I hadn’t, but I have heard good things about this brand! Well, I grew curious – of course! – and the curiosity transformed into ‘add to cart’ and ended up with ‘check out with payment’. Well, you know, things happen!

I bought the Banila Co Prime Primer Classic Matte, as the climate in Singapore is highly humid, and I prefer to have my face matte. I have tried Chamos Acaci Matte Pore Primer (very velvety and smooth, but my skin is a little sensitive to it); Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever Primer Essence is not as velvety, but it helps with the sebum control.

[The Missy’s Say]

Citrus, but subtle. Quite refreshing.

Lightweight, sort of gel type.

Velvety on skin after application. Matte finish.

This primer really keeps the BB cream fresh for as long as 8 hours! Be mindful if you have matured/dry skin, or live in dry climate countries. It can be too drying – choose the hydrating primer instead, especially for winter season.

Side effects:
Nope, it doesn’t cause my skin to act up or anything.

Most likely, but you know, I am quite a beauty junkie now, and when Debbie, Belinda, or Cynthia suggests something, I might just get curious again!

** If the items that I include the post are sold out, simple search for other sellers in the search bar, the sellers I recommend are those that I purchase the products from, and can be certain that the products are authentic **


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