Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream


UPDATE (02 Apr 2016) – I reviewed Mizon’s Black Snail Cream on my other blog. Have a look!

I swear by the Mizon snail range of products (except for the bb cream which I will review later). It all started with the Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream, and it works so well for me, I bought the Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream, and Mizon Snail Intensive Ampoule. I can’t get enough of the goodness, so I went on to get the Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream!

I am planning to get Mizon Snail Repair Hydro Mist, and the Snail Repair Cleanser too!

I don’t have good skin because I scar easy and my skin is hypersensitive, so it’s super reactive to many stimulants. It’s just a very unfortunate situation whereby it takes so little to trigger a skin reaction and results in scarring, yet it takes forever to heal! Trust me, the snail products help, a lot!

[The Missy’s Say]

It’s considered unscented. Just a smell of any other cream that is unscented.

It’s absorbed pretty quickly and non-sticky

I have been using the snail cream and ampoule for quite a long while now, so my skin is kind of ‘stable’. The snail gel does expedite recovery of occasional breakouts.

I can’t say for sure if it works just as well alone. I am loving the products and results, so I am not planning to remove any of the products from the regime. The products are all very light, so it doesn’t even feel heavy with 3 snail products on!

That said, I only use the ampoule in the day and night; but not under makeup (I usually go out in the afternoon), as I feel it’s a little moisturizing under makeup. It’s not immediate, but from experience, when I put on the ampoule under makeup, my skin tends to oil up faster. That’s how I conclude that the ampoule works best before sleep, and it is evident from the ‘experiment’ that it’s doing a lot of work in hydrating the skin!

Already received the reordered 2 tubes!


UPDATE (02 Apr 2016) – I reviewed Mizon’s Black Snail Cream on my other blog. Have a look!

4 thoughts on “Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream

  1. What is the difference of Mizon all in one cream vs Snail recovery Gel cream? Are the effects similar? It seems like the all in one cream can do whatever the recovery gel cream does? Thanks


      1. I mean as a user you have used both, why not just use the all in one cream only, since the all in one and recovery cream have similar purpose/properties. I am just trying to know what do you like about the recovery Gel cream that the all in one cream cannot do?


      2. Ah, I understand now. Well, I was just really crazy about the snail series, and also the all in one cream is not really very moisturising (in dryer climates, especially), and the gel is sort of enhancing the cream. My sister also bought the gel, but she uses it at night after the all in one cream instead, as she lives in Singapore and finds that the humidity interacts with the gel in the day and makes the skin too moisturised for makeup.

        But it’s really just my personal obsession to get the whole line, but I have eliminated others and only using the snail ampoule (serum), all in one cream, and snail gel from Mizon. I use other brand’s toner, cleaner and whatnot.


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