Enprani Face Designer Auto Pat V2.0

Following the earlier review on Enprani Face Designer Auto Pat V1.0, I ordered the Enprani Face Designer Auto Pat V2.0! I confess, although examinations didn’t add too much stress, it can be overwhelmingly mentally exhausting from massive loading of information of full module into the brain in very limited time frame.

So, effectively (yes, I am justifying!), we should introduce break states in between, so that the information doesn’t overlap and corrupt one another. My break state? Online shopping! That explains the lack of nicely taken photos. The set arrived on one of the examination days, so it’s really a quick snap.



[The Missy’s Say]

Similar to the V1.0, this has two-speeds, I usually use the highest speed.

(Same as V1.0, so I am just reusing the lines extracted from the V1.0 review)
In terms of evenness, there is no doubt that the applicator does a good job (see photos); better than applying with fingers. You just need to pay attention to the hard to reach areas such as sides of nose, and around the nose bridge etc.

Tips: After spreading the bb cream on your face, dot the bb cream (I apply some bb cream on the sponge and dot on) on the areas that you want more coverage, and then use the slower speed mode to apply on that area, don’t move away too much, just concentrate on that area. 

Plus point for V2.0 over V1.0:
The drawback of V1.0 is that the hard sponge can really waste much product as it soaked the product into the sponge. For V2.0, the washable puff (feels so velvety!) is a very thin cover, and doesn’t take in too much product, so the bb cream/foundation are really on your face. Also, cleaning is so much easier (the detergent is in the package – once used up, just go to Daiso to get the $2 cleaner!)

(Same as V1.0)
Aside from the more natural result, using the applicator keeps the hands clean. I don’t know about you, I am not going back to finger application.

Pores and lines are better concealed as compared to applying the product with finger. You know that bb cream is supposed to be pat on skin right? But, we usually spread it on the skin like we do with liquid foundation. Even for patting, there is NO comparison for finger patting to 6200 pats per minute using the applicator!

Cleaning tips:
The puff is very easily removed, and I always clean it after each use, by pressing the puff on kitchen towel to get as much product out. I wash the puff every week or 2 weeks. The detergent is included in the package.

enprani_info_1 enprani_info_2 enprani_info_3

[The Foundation]

I like the shade of the foundation (I am using #21 – light beige, I am NC15 skin color profile, considerably fair). But the foundation alone is a tad heavy for my liking, but the coverage is really good! So, what I do is to dab (the foundation comes with hands-free applicator!) small dots around the face, and then use my favorite bb cream (Skin79 hot pink) together with the foundation! It’s a perfect marriage between the two! Skin79 has this very natural finish, and waterproofing properties, while the Enprani’s has nice yellow undertones and great coverage!

Maybe I should have waited for the V1.0 to stop functioning (or at least used up all 8 sponges!) before getting V2.0, because I am not going back to V1.0!

Tip: If you already have V1.0, you can check with the seller if you are able to buy the sponge head and puffs of V2.0, I tried, they fit. Of course, you will still lose out on the improved vibration speed (not much difference, if you asked me). The set is worth getting, because the foundation is great!

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