Wine Appreciator, Wine Decanter, and Wine Chiller

I didn’t appreciate alcohol until I am older. When I was young and stupid, there was only one reasonable objective to consume alcohol – to get drunk!

I am not even close to being a wine connoisseur, but I am a wine appreciator, and I do enjoy the finer things in life. You know, things that really require some time to appreciate fully. Wine and scotch are some of them. Perhaps, it’s the idea of slowing the hectic pace of life at the end of the day that makes them special.

The pace in life is picking up faster by the day, if not hour. With deliberation, I involve myself with things that takes a longer process to complete. Things that cannot be rushed.

My Work – Crochet Amigurumi Designer

Handiwork takes time, it cannot be rushed – I mean, it can be rushed, but like mass-produced cheap products, the workmanship shows according to skills – therefore, it has been the perfect job for me. Slowing the pace down and disregarding the ‘precious’ time that is slipping by, that is the luxury of life. It also gives me the opportunity to attend to the perfection fanatic living inside me.

The Wines

I order things online, it’s just more convenient (really, I don’t know where else to shop for those stuffs!!), and I like to read and learn about the products that I am buying for as long as I need – that is another process that I afford my time with. Unfortunately, many people lack the product knowledge of what they sell, often times, I find myself educating the sales staff because of their inadequacy in product knowledge. Their main objective is to sell.

Online wine sellers are quite saturated now. I visited several, and found myself appealed to a particular website –

I like the website and the effort to include so much details in each bottle of wine, with sincere recommendation of food to go with each wine. I feel the enthusiasm and sincerity in the owner – Alex (I assume he is the owner).

I don’t know much about wine, I only know if I liked the wine when I tasted it. Don’t get me wrong, if you know me, I am fascinated with data and facts, I can do a very thorough research and learn all about wines, and believe me, I can be terribly good in that. However, I decide not to interest myself in-depth with wisdom of wine. I will go primal with this – the taste buds decides.


I ordered a mixed case of reds and whites, and a bottle of Rosé. I opened one bottle of the reds and I LOVE it! I am quite anxious to try out the rest, but well, if age has done any good for me, it’s the acquired patience.

The quality of service and product is impeccable. Alex texted me about the delivery delay due to a mechanical problem with the delivery truck, and he took the extra mile to deliver the case of wines to me himself!

I have a hunch that I am going to be loyal customer.

944297_10151626088392071_688725781_n 427134_10151626087827071_1944276777_n

Wine Chiller

So, after I ordered the case of wines, I decide to buy a wine chiller. It makes sense, our fridge is not tiny, but my mother and I are already fighting for fridge space for our foods.

I also find the fridge too cold for wine. I want to ‘pretend’ that I am a worthy wine appreciator, and the wine chiller is the first step in making that happen.

I don’t want to rob a bank for a chiller, and I am only in the entry year of psychology studies – you know that anything with the name ‘psychology’ tagged, costs a lot right? – it’s wise to start small and buy a chiller with a tiny price tag. Aside, until I have an apartment of my own, everything that I buy has to be ‘compact’.

[The Missy’s Say]

The chiller works fine, and I can’t compare the performance since this is my first chiller. The chiller is very quiet (the normal people will think it’s silent, but I have supersonic sensory system, so I do pick up the quietest sound), and accordingly, it consumes low energy.


Wine Decanter

Believe me when I say, I am ‘pretending’ to be a professional wine appreciator. The thing about me, I can get obsessed with things – as in perfection or nearest to perfection.

So, I have wine, I have a chiller, I have a good wine opener, a wine stopper (which I am going to replace, the one I have works beautifully, and I remember it’s not cheap, but it’s kind of not pretty enough, get my drift?), what am I missing? Oh right! Of course, I must have a decanter!

I would have gone for the traditional type of decanter which looks like artistically formed flask, but I decide to go with the newer technology because I have nearly no storage space for anything big! Further, with the traditional decanter, it’s difficult to gauge how much wine to pour into the flask, and most importantly, the decanting process takes 30 minutes to 1 hour or so!!

Gosh, I like process, but there is also something known as reality. By the time I come home after class, it’s past 11pm! I really want to just take a shower and settle myself with a glass of great tasting wine.

So, I ordered the decanter.

[The Missy’s Say]

Simply put, I will never want to drink wine without using the decanter! What drastic difference!

Again, I have heightened sensory system, so everything is more sensitive for me. Taste, smell, visual, touch, feel etc. I tried to drink the wine poured directly from the bottle; and also drank wine poured through the decanter. I knew immediately that the latter tasted fruitier.


As we know that wine which has been performed breathing process tastes better. Wine breathes, it opens up, and releases its intended aromas and flavors.

Traditionally, decanter is used to aerate wine and the whole decanting process generally costs half hour to one hour.

Magic Decanter’s specially designed to speeds up this process. Simply hold magic decanter over a glass and pour wine through. It’s that fast. It’s that easy.

Now that I have wines, dark chocolates, cheese – I need to visit the deli counter one of these days, and get a really nice cheese that I like, and I would probably buy some peppercorn pate too! – life is almost perfect!

Why is it ‘almost’ perfect? It’s just psychology meddling with wordplay. ‘Better’ is a positive word; ‘best’ seems a little lonely, because there is no more room for improvement. ‘Almost’ is similar to ‘better’. I prefer a journey to a destination.

With that, if you are wine lover, or a pseudo wine appreciator like myself, try my recommendations, and give yourself a treat that won’t cost an arm or break a bank.

Raise your glass, and let we toast to purposeful living – Appreciating Life. 

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