Wickedly Delicious Muffins in Singapore – Bakes & Bites

It is no secret that I have a sweet tooth – by that, I mean I LOVE desserts, cakes and most things sweet!, and I am quite particular with taste; I have heightened sensory.

A close friend brought me some muffins yesterday, and my mind was fixated at the thoughts of eating the muffins since. I could hear them calling out to me to take a bite! You mean, muffins don’t do that to you? Geez, I have a more interesting life!

So, if I hadn’t been insanely busy already, I super-packed my calendar with studies, so I am beyond busy (and tired). I barely have enough time to grab decent meals, and you know what sleep deprivation can do to a person, we get cranky, feel unappreciated and all the unvalidated negative feelings.

It warms my heart that a friend brought me muffins! People don’t do that anymore, but it’s a really nice simple gesture to spread some love – in this case, it’s more like an act of kindness. 😛 It was really sweet of him to deliver to me too (really, I barely have time to eat! Need I say more?).

Enough talk, let me tell you all about the muffins – like I am a muffin expert!


  • These are some mean muffins, they are soft and moist even when served chilled! (Again, I am hyper busy now, I can really use some delicious food in the fridge for quick bites)
    Muffins from many other bakeries turn into rock hard and become too dry to swallow after hours, worse when chilled
  • They use REAL FRUITS!!!! I only tried the chocolate muffin, but it’s very welcoming to know that they use real fruits, because I desperately need some fruits intake in my diet
  • Not oily – it’s moist, but surprisingly not oily
  • Taste – simply divine, I like that there is a hint of savory taste (possibly from the butter) in the otherwise all sweet chocolate muffins; so I actually looked forward to the next bite
  • The size is really good, it’s essentially a mini cake – perfect for people like me (remember? Barely have time to eat??!); or to share with a friend (I don’t know about you, I don’t share muffins!)
  • Put them in the toaster/oven and you will have a muffin with crusty outside, and moist inside (I do that when I have more time, it’s nice to fill the apartment with the aroma of baked muffins)


There are enough varieties, and I promise you that you might not be able to stop at one! Otherwise, I don’t know, I can live on muffins and cakes forever! So, what’s bad?

Now, if I hadn’t enticed your appetite yet, there are so many other sweet treats in the stall!

With the advancement of technology, people are sending electronic gifts, but seriously, we can do better than that and get some real food for real people whom we care about, and could use some encouragement and love.

When was the last time you buy cakes as gift? There is something magical about pastries and cakes. It takes so much work and time to have some baked. Not all of us bake (I can’t even cook a hard boiled egg!), but the same appreciation for the work and time of the baker is conveyed to the recipient. ‘Eat and Feel’. 

Try them sometime! I imagine these will make perfect luncheons and high teas for your parties.

Media exposure

Don’t play play (I am encouraged to learn our national language, one that I am honestly proud of!), the stall is not just any Tom Dick and Harry stall, they are featured and mentioned in the Shin Min Food Hunt!

Bakes n Bites

51 Old Airport Road
#01-164 Hawker Center
Singapore 390051

Contact numbers: 9387.8605/ 9008.3463
eMail: sales@bakesnbites.com.sg

Disclaimer: This is not an advertorial, I am not paid for this post, the only incentive that I am getting is 6 delicious muffins for 6 meals in between lectures and mail runs!

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