Enprani Face Designer Auto Pat

I like bb cream, although I don’t have perfectly flawless complexion, bb cream is very comfortable, like second skin to your face. By far, the Skin79 Hot Pink bb cream fits best for me. It’s not perfect, but it’s nearest to the best fit – color fitting to my NC15 color profile (grey cast, but it does blends into the skin tone after a short while), non-greasy (a little sticky right after application, but it dries up quickly), although low coverage for skin imperfections, it can be compensated with loose powder/pressed powder and concealer if needed.

The problem with bb cream is the application. I am not so much a liquid foundation person. I am not much of a ‘get your hands dirty’ kind of gal, know what I mean? Deviating slightly from this (but it’s completely relevant), if I have to eat with hands, I clean my hands with wet tissue after each bite (I know, the OCD thing right!?! We all have a bit of that, don’t we?).

I was considering to buy the CC cream (review next week, my work/school schedule is kind of super intense now), and one reviewer used the vibrating puff device to apply the cream on. I know the vibrating applicator is around for a while now, but that was my ‘ah-ha’ moment for this applicator – translated into ‘it is the time that I know I MUST own one’.

After some (intense) research, I decided to go with Enprani Face Designer Auto pat as my first vibrating applicator.

What it does:

  • Vibrating  4500 times a minute to make the bb cream disappear into the skin quickly.
  • Leaves your face smooth with better concealing effect enlarged pores, wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Controls strength with puff and brightens the complexion.

[The Missy’s Say]

There are 2 speed modes; I usually go for the max. The trick in using this applicator is not to press on your skin too hard, it stops vibrating when you exert too much pressure.

In terms of evenness, there is no doubt that the applicator does a good job (see photos); better than applying with fingers. You just need to pay attention to the hard to reach areas such as sides of nose, and around the nose bridge etc.

Tips: After spreading the bb cream on your face, dot the bb cream (I apply some bb cream on the sponge and dot on) on the areas that you want more coverage, and then use the slower speed mode to apply on that area, don’t move away too much, just concentrate on that area. 

The downside in using this applicator is that you will waste quite a bit of product (see photos), as the sponge soaks in quite a bit of product; however, it yields a more natural result as compared to applying with fingers.

Aside from the more natural result, using the applicator keeps the hands clean. I don’t know about you, I am not going back to finger application.

Pores and lines are better concealed as compared to applying the product with finger. You know that bb cream is supposed to be pat on skin right? But, we usually spread it on the skin like we do with liquid foundation. Even for patting, there is NO comparison for finger patting to 4500 pats per minute using the applicator!

Cleaning tips:
Try to remove as much product from the sponge as you can after each use, by pressing the sponge against the kitchen towel; also, use a sponge/brush detergent (I bought mine from Daiso – great reviews, I am going to try the detergent later) to wash the sponge every week. I don’t know when should you change the sponge (my purchase comes with 8 refills), but I am just going to play by ear. I guess it’s about time to change when the sponge is beyond cleansing or when the ‘pores’ of the sponge gets too large?

Although more bb cream is used (or wasted) by using this autopat, but personally, it’s all worth it.

One thought on “Enprani Face Designer Auto Pat

  1. Hello?
    I am using Enprani Face Designer Auto Pat for several years, It is really good.
    But puff is out of order. How can I order it?
    Please let me know via e mail.


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