SoyJoy Nutrition Bar


I am peaking on the ‘busiest’ timetable. I am back to school (Yay!!), and I am readying myself with nutrition bars as dinner (boo!), or quick bites in between forgotten meals.

Favorite flavor

I love SoyJoy the first time I tasted it. I had not tried Raisin and Almond flavor, because I am not a fan of raisin – except for rum and raisin. Now that I am getting ‘Bolder’ with decisions, I thought, heck, why not! I tried, and this is now my favorite flavor.

It reminds me of rum and raisin, less raisin taste, but a welcoming altered taste. Love love love it!

Quick bite in between forgotten meals

It’s only the first week of class, but the first two classes scheduled back to back can be a little challenging for a cave woman! Not only that I have to adjust to too much walking, I am carrying a mega heavy bag (psychology textbook and class notes weigh a tonne!), pay attention to the ever confusing train direction, and squeezing time to ensure that orders are filled and dispatched for mailing in timely fashion. That is a lot of changes in very short time!

The most challenging part would be mingling with people. I mean, really, I am a secluded cave woman in modern times. Other than the times that I traveled out of the country or once in a blue moon meeting with friends, my norm was seeing not more than 4 people in any day, for the past 6 years! 3 of the 4 people are immediate family, go figure!

Convenience and great taste

Circling back to the nutrition bars. I love that it’s convenient, not sweet like most energy bars. It helps to curb with the hunger pangs. You should try to chew the bar very thoroughly and slowly; that really helps giving you feeling of fullness.


It’s easily available, but I ordered from the Korea seller, the price is more attractive.


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