WELCOS Confume Argan Treatment Oil

I went for a haircut (finally!) and did a highlight and color – the original intention was to spruce up the mood for a bit. It was a disaster! I was blonde! Not full blonde, but definitely bright yellow! I swear I glowed in the head when I was under the light!

Two days later, I went for an emergency damage control to color treat my blonde head. Now, I am a red-head! It’s really not bad now, it’s.. vibrant! It’s more chocolate reddish tone.

The ‘adventure’ had been exciting; I can’t say the same for the health of my brutally tortured hair. February was an extremely anxious month, and I wasn’t eating properly, so I think those factors attribute to hair fall episode too. Know that I have very fine hair, and sadly not many.

So, the ‘rescue’ mission is ongoing. Not only that my hair is battling the harsh chemicals that was used on it, but the scalp needs some tender loving care too.

For the scalp, I use Rene Futerer hair thinning line – you can buy them from the drugstore, I bought mine at Guardian Pharmacy in Singapore.

The Forticea shampoo does this:

This stimulating shampoo compliments and enhances the effects of the René Furterer thinning hair treatments. It gently cleanses while microbeads of essential oils increase scalp microcirculation, encouraging the growth of stronger, thicker and healthier hair.

Then, it’s caring for the mane. I was given a sample of Welcos Confume Argan Treatment Pack with purchase of facial masks. Tried it and love it!

I ordered a huge bottle (seriously, this is by far the biggest bottle of any hair product that I have ever bought!) of the treatment pack which can be used as hair mask and as daily conditioner. I ordered the treatment oil too (love love love it!).


[ The Missy’s Say ]

:: Confume Argan Treatment Pack ::

Consistency: Thick and like any hair mask

Scent: Nice (can’t really describe, but it’s a nice scent)

Effects: Love it, it makes the severely damaged hair smoother (improves with frequent uses), yet not weighing the hair down. Always remember to keep any conditioner/mask 1-2 inches away from scalp; unless the conditioner you use is specially for scalp care. Conditioning your scalp will result in oily scalp and hair fall.

I am using it as conditioner every day; and use it as mask twice a week by letting it sit for 5 minutes before rinsing. I will adjust accordingly when my hair improves.


:: Confume Argan Treatment Oil ::

Consistency: Clear, serum like

Scent: Quite a strong fragrance, tolerable though.

Effects: I apply the oil generously at the ends, and sparingly on the hair. If you have fine hair like me, refrain from applying 2-3 inches from scalp. This smooths your hair, and makes it really soft, but you don’t want to flatten the already flat hair if you have fine hair.

Definitely use this before blow-drying your hair; especially for the current health state of my hair.

The oil comes in big and small bottles (they are sold in a pack). The small bottle definitely comes handy when travel or if you go for a swim in public pool etc.

I bought them here:

  • [Welcos ]♥Free Shipping♥ WELCOS Confume Argan Treatment Oil/Pack/Serum/Shampoo/Conditioner/Treatment
  • S$9.50

I might get the regular conditioner once my hair’s lustre is restored.


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