Cute Rubber Stamps for the Young (at Heart)

My new obsession is ‘collecting’ the rubber stamp, cute rubber stamps. It is difficult to write on plain paper, it’s like serving nice food on disposable tableware; functional, but boring.

I write letters, literally. I love to write on Kraft paper. I used to print decorative borders on the paper, but the printer is not agreeing with the Kraft paper much, as it jams the paper every 3rd prints. The rubber stamps will serve the decorating purpose and I love rubber stamps, always.

I bought 2 pieces of theme row stamps (I really don’t know what they’re called), to stamp the top and bottom (near the edge) borders of the Kraft paper. I am also stamping them on the mailing envelopes that I use to send out orders. I design and make adorable stuffs, I am sure the buyers can put up with more adorable stamps.

Now, I am going to run through (knowing me, not too quickly or briefly) the different types of rubber stamps (to my best knowledge, that is, I am no expert, I just buy many).

Type: Theme row stamps

Rubber material: I believe it is the *red rubber (even though it’s a thin layer).

Setting: Set between a foam/cushion (not sticking very well, so I suspect it’s double-sided tape) to a piece of wood.

Cutting: Reasonably well-etched to details, but the borders of the rubber are not trimmed to shape/precision, so when you stamp on surface that is not entirely flat, you may get the ‘corners accident’ result (like a frame, know what I mean?).

Quality of result: Impressively good, considering that I paid S$2.99 for each theme row stamp; just be careful with the corners of the rubber, wipe the ink off if you have accidentally inked on them.

Next up, the cute tin container of cats! I love cats, if you don’t already know. Other than Hello Kitty (for some weird reasons, I am not crazy about Hello Kitty), I find it extremely challenging to resist stuffs with cute cats pictures/symbols.

Type: DIY stamps in tin container

Rubber material: Not *red rubber, it’s a synthetic (more plasticky) rubber, but I don’t know the exact material.

Setting: Self-assembled – the foam grids are pre-cut, one side of it is prepared with sticky tape. You have to cut the stamps into small pieces and stick them into the foam cubes, and stick the sticky label that matches the rubber image on the top side of the foam. (not a difficult thing to do).

Cutting: Similar to the theme row stamp, these cat stamps are not trimmed to shape/precision, so you get the corner ‘frame’ if not careful.

Quality of result: Disappointing. The synthetic material that the stamps are made of does not ‘take’ in the ink very well, (see the image in the gallery) and resulted in patchy imprints. Perhaps you need to ink all of them, and then let the ink sink into the material for a bit, and then maybe it will work better.

In addition, I really don’t work so well with foam cubes, I tend to exert too much pressure, resulting in over-inking, and when stamping, the corners tend to touch the paper too. I don’t like.

Price: S$6.79 – although very affordable, it doesn’t justify the poor quality, sorry.

So, I talk about red rubber as if I were some sort or rubber expert. I researched for a bit when I was ordering a customized rubber stamp for business (and fun) use. Red rubber is said (and commonly known) to be most durable material as compared to the polymer material. Most stamps used in offices are made of polymer, economically priced, but probably not suited for art creation (that sometimes means using different media or types of ink include ‘alcohol based’ etc), since they cannot withstand heat and alcohol, and the material wears out after prolonged use.

The stamps that I customized for my business use are mostly made of real rubber, mounted securely on wood blocks. The stamp produces clear impressions and since it is deep-etched, it’s also suitable to stamp on fabric.

Also included in this purchase is the pen ink. I chose the purple and green (really, it’s purple and gold, or greenish gold).

Ink: I believe it’s probably water-based, but I am not sure, since there is very limited information provided.

Quality: The ink is quite ‘watery’ or ‘thin’, so it bleeds. I like crisp and sharp imprints, so this falls under my expectation. The pen ink works better with the rubber stamp than with the polymer/synthetic rubber.

Price: S$1.89 – affordable, but I won’t repurchase.

I have placed order (from another place) for better ink – made in USA. I will review on that once the items arrive.

The prices are the real steal. I don’t need fun stamps to be super durable, since I may outgrow the obsession after a while (or longer while, my obsessions are rarely short-lived).

Buy them here

I am ordering a few more from the same seller, but I am avoiding the stamps in the tin. Before that happens, I already put in another order for self-inking stamp that bears my life motto (you should be able to see it at the end of this post) – One Life. Live Passionately!

I don’t know much about success or working too hard to be happy by someone else’s definition. I know to live passionately because it brings contentment and joy to my life. If you have forgotten what Passionate Living was like, try to recall the time when you were a child, and you couldn’t wait for the sun to rise so that you could race to your best friend’s house and play or explore the world! Those were the times when we have so much to look forward to, everyday!

I am neither rich nor successful (as the world demands for). I believe I am successful in creating simple joy and live passionately. I have so much to do, and I look forward to doing them in the morning, morning after morning.


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