Mizon UV Mild Sun Block SPF35

After trying the sample satchel of Mizon snail repair cream, I ordered the full size. Loving it! Mizon UV Mild Sun Block is sold in 1+1 deal, so I grabbed it as I checked out (try imagining that I was really paying at the cashier, and grabbing those extras by the display shelf that has the label ‘OFFER‘). I have been using Hera Sun block, and although it serves me well, it is hard to resist the Mizon’s advertisment ‘Special Process Powder gives Anti-Sticky! No Glitter! smoothly – Control Oil & Moisture’ on the description page.



[The Missy’s Say]

Thick & creamy consistency, like  most sun block (Hera sun mate is more like a moisturizer)

After touch:
✔ ✔ A slight tackiness immediately after application, but ti dries matt*.

 Perfumed, tolerable by me, I don’t know how well you tolerate perfumed skin care products though – Hera sun mate has a heavy perfume scent.

✔ ✔ White, but it doesn’t leaves a ghostly white cast.

Sebum/Oil control and Results:

*About the matt and non-sticky claims, they are true only if you are not using sticky cream/gel under the sunblock. To give a fair and accurate review on this product, I tried…

  1.  wearing the sunblock with loads of products under it – Secret Key snail repair toner, Secret Key snail essence, Mizon snail eye cream, MD Forte III lotion, Secret Key Syn-Ake cream, then, finally Mizon sun block. I can tell you that it’s probably MD forte’s lotion, or everything else, that causes the skin to oil up by lightning speed.
  2.  wearing it with everything in #1, minus the snail essence and the MD Forte III lotion and replacing Syn-Ake cream with Mizon snail cream, then finally the Mizon sun block. The result is far better! My face stays reasonably matt (there is some shine, but it’s only healthy that your skin continues to produce sebum) for nearly 4 hours under normal room temperature and humidity! That’s not bad at all!

✔✔ It’s really affordable, considering that it’s the price for 2 tubes! SPF 35 is sufficient for my use, I am NEVER (fine, never is a big word) rarely out of the apartment, so SPF 35 is enough to guard against the UV coming through the window and caused by the in-house lighting.

Conclusion / Tips:

The variations in product reviews may sometimes be due to the different mixes of other skin care products being used together with the product in question. I don’t usually apply that many products for day, especially if I am going to put on makeup afterwards. What I usually do is to allow some time (10 mins or so) for the skin care products to be absorbed into the skin, before applying makeup, I would spray the aqua mist to ready the skin, I usually use a soft kitchen paper towel to lightly pat off the fluid. That way, it will also helps to take off some oils/stickiness from some richer moisturizer/gel.

Buy here: (share with your friend, or sibling!)

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