Website Optimization – Siteground SuperCacher!

I am constantly working on website optimization. I hope by now you have noted the gist of ‘what’ I really am. A good friend very accurately called me ‘anal little piece of sh*t’, and I am quite proud of it – she meant it as a compliment too, in case you wonder!

With everything moving so rapidly, we must never stop improving. What I was doing yesterday for my website might be old news by tomorrow. Just a while ago, my webhost, Siteground, introduced a third-party CDN service into the cPanel – one-click activation, and that improves page loading drastically without the complicated configuration.

Today, SG announced that they now have their own in-house SuperCacher! Look at that! Of course, I jumped right in. You follow the latest fashion trend; I follow the latest geeky tech trend, of course, since I am only a pseudo expert, I do break things (a lot!). Lucky for me, the siteground support team always have my back. If there is a chart keeping track of the number of times a user breaks the website, I believe my name marches towards the top!



I activated the SuperCacher  – static cache option – for my online shop that runs on a shopping cart engine, but not before I run a page load test. It recorded 1.74 second, which is not bad at all (seriously, I really constantly work on the website optimization!), but after activating the SuperCacher, the load time is 619 milliseconds!!! Maybe faster than you blink your eyes!

For WordPress and Joomla websites, there are extra steps required to run the Dynamic Cache (a better option, because blog is supposed to have active contents, and dynamic cache will ensure that when a change is made, it’s also served to the visitors). If it is not automatically detected, you have to add the application to the directory (easy peasy too), then, you have to download the plugin, upload and activate through your wordpress admin page.

Now, the reason why I am not including any screenshot for the wordpress sites is that I am unable to activate the SuperCacher – Dynamic Cache option – on my two wordpress blogs(I have 3 websites running on wordpress engines, but only 2 are hosted with Siteground). While the friendly support guy (whom I am getting familiar with since they put a face to the name now, and my account is served by the same few people) responded promptly and helped to switch on one of the activations, the other simply refuses to work. This support ticket is now escalated to the supervisor for further assistance.

That aside, I am super impressed with the lightning speed load time for my website. (I also really love their graphics included in the infographics)



P.S: Just so you know, siteground is running a promotion now, it is extended from the Thanksgiving promotion, and by far the best offer $3.95/mo. It should end by end of the month or earlier, if you are thinking of switching host or getting a new host, do consider taking up the offer.

I blogged about my hourly backup with WD My Studio HDD, and that is just for my local drives, so I have daily backups running for my remote sites (you know, I have an active shopping site, a couple of blogs, tons of email addresses etc).

Although I really am a wanted woman by the fashion police, I do keep a keen interest in beauty and skin care products and trends. You know, I am just.. complicated! I am now trying a new product, loving it so far, but I want to try it for a while longer before giving it a review. Some snail products are coming my way too!

Now, I really need to get some real work done.


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