Dropper Bottle for Skin Oil

I don’t know about you, but I need a dropper bottle for skin oil. I have been using Organic Jojoba Oil together with my snail cream and syn-ake cream. I have been loving it. It makes skin softer, and it tricks the skin into thinking that there is enough sebum, so it helps with sebum control too.

The problem is that the original bottle that the oil comes in, makes a mess when you only need a drop of the oil. It either pours too much, or just oils up the cap. I hate mess; I especially hate oily mess.

Dropper works best for oil or serum. It is more hygienic since the content will not touch the tip of the cap that is exposed to environmental dust and dirt. (I know, I do have an intense need for neatness and cleanliness)

I don’t know if anywhere is selling empty dropper bottles in Singapore. I am only savvy online, my brain (literally) hopes for a ‘search bar’ when I actually go to a physical store. So, I found the dropper bottle on Qoo10, it’s not ideal, as I prefer a smaller one, say 15ml, but it’s the closest to what I was looking for.

The Missy’s Say:


Considerably fast, since I opted for Ordinary Mail. Ordered on 25 Nov, arrived 05 Dec from Korea!


Excellent! Came in a box, super bubble-wrapped.


Now, this is when I give a less desirable rating. To clean the bottle before use, and to test the suction, I used the dropper to try to draw Vodka (right, Vodka is great as cleaning agent). Disappointingly, the suction is considerably poor. It only draws content 1/4 up the tube; if I super squeeze the rubber pump, I get 1/3, but never more.

Although I won’t be needing that much, I am bothered by the suction, because it means that when the oil runs low, it will be difficult to effectively draw the remaining content, even if I tilt the bottle. I do not like to add fresh product to old, that just makes everything ‘old’. I would hate to have to waste product too.

I am verifying with the seller if this is an isolate defective product, or is it just low quality product.


I opted for clear but dark-colored bottle because oil is best kept in dark container. I store my Jojoba oil in the drawer, away from light, even though the bottle used to package this oil is said to have UV light protectant properties.

Do you know where else can I find small dropper bottle with good suction? (I should have kept that bottle from Etsee’s night repair!!)



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