Laneige Multi-Cleanser Review

So, I mentioned in earlier post that I will be doing the Laneige Multi-Cleanser Review once I use it for over a reasonable period of time. Well, although I haven’t used for weeks, but 5 days are quite enough to know if it may trigger crazy adverse reaction of the skin.

The Missy’s Say:


Floral scent, very subtle.


A little sandy when applied on face. It acts as a mild exfoliator, and it works really well with my Clarisonic Mia too. Just don’t overdo it if you have hypersensitive skin. It foams into creamy texture.


I wear sunscreen because I use glycolic acid products (MD Forte and MD Formulations); I will still use sunscreen even if I am not. See, there is a general misconception that we don’t need sunscreen if we are staying indoors – me! See, unless we are doing teleporting now, you do need to transport from one point to another, and not all areas are equipped with full shelter to shield the sun effectively, correct?

For my case, I don’t go out of the apartment at all, but I am still exposed to some levels of sun that shines through the window. (That is why my left arm is darker than my right!)

Sunscreen is designed to cling onto your skin more tightly than most skin care, and many sunscreens are waterproof, so washing the sunscreen thoroughly from your skin is similar to removing makeup. We just assume it’s not there since we can’t see it.


I have been using this cleanser every night for the past 5 days now, no breakout or other adverse reaction.

I slabbed a thick layer of BB cream and a orange toned concealer onto the back of my hand. I let it settle into my skin for a bit. Then, I squeezed a small amount of the cleanser onto the wet skin. Massage and melt the makeup. You can see that the colors are coming off with the foam. Rinse and you have squeaky clean skin. I mean really SQUEAKY clean!

To be sure, I conducted the Toner test. Toner is supposed to help remove the last traces of makeup. The cleanser passes the test with flying colors! No residue at all!


I imagine this will be such a space and time saver especially when traveling. I have so many things to pack into the luggage, all-in-one products really help free up space.

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I bought mine here:

It is noteworthy that for such a ‘powerful’ cleanser, it may mean stripping off your natural skin oil. Therefore, I only use it in the evening and alternate my favorite MD Formulations cleanser in the day. This cleanser contains glycolic acid, and it’s extremely good for combination and acne prone skin; but you MUST wear sunscreen if you are using any glycolic acid of any other AHA products.

MD formulations cleanser

Get it here:

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