Nature Republic Whitening Collagen Dream Mask Sheet

I do love mask sheet, and I have been happy with Nature Republic, especially with their aloe gel – seriously good stuff with tiny price tag! This Nature Republic Whitening Collagen Dream Mask Sheet is a free sample that comes with purchase. I tried last night, and I love it.

The Missy’s Say:


Subtle floral scent, very pleasant.


Sticky and thicker consistency, similar to Leaders InSolution and Mediheal.


The mask fits perfectly on my face. There are small slits on various parts of the masks; a brilliant move, as that helps to fit the mask more snuggly on nose, chin etc.


Cooling, but I put it on in the air-conditioned room, so I can’t tell for sure if it has cooling effect.


No magic there, but I believe the whitening properties work quite well; or my other skin products. I find some marks (I scar easily, the time of the time whereby the hormonal level is unstable always cause problem for my skin) less prominent when I woke in the morning.

I figure that I will get more mask that has collagen properties, it is supposed to help with the skin ‘lifting’ and plump the sagging skin, deny or not, I get older everyday, so I can really use some ‘plumping’ up and boost in elasticity. 😛

I recommend this shop (good shopping experiences with the seller):

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