Herbalife Herbal Tea Concentrate

Can you tell that I am embracing Herbalife? My mother loves the Herbalife Herbal Tea Concentrate, she takes it cold, so do I. It’s surprisingly refreshing. The tea is fragrant and unsweetened, perfect for her since she is diabetic. I add a teaspoon of Grade B organic maple syrup to my cold tea sometimes, not very sweet, rich in minerals and enhances the taste of the tea.

I have cut back from caffeine intake since the Master Cleanse Program – although the benefits were temporary, it impacts my way of life permanently. I take only decaf coffee – favorite brand being Mount Hagen, mixed with Pero dark caffeine free coffee – and organic black tea (breakfast tea or earl grey), my daily intake of caffeine is significantly reduced.

It is recommended that an adult should not consume caffeine of more than 200-400mg daily (Health Canada recommends not more than 400mg; others say it’s safe to take 200-300mg). My decaf coffee only has less than 6-9mg per teaspoon, and some say black coffee has no caffeine, some say similar to that of coffee.

If you are a regular coffee drinker, you can opt to replace one of the many cups of your coffee with the herbal tea instead. It is rich in antioxidants and green tea is known for weight management properties. 😛

The herbal tea has 85mg caffeine, so it works well to give you an energy boost!

If you are starting out on Herbalife weight management program like me, I think the Set C would be right for you, and buying them in set saves you money and better free gifts too. With any weight-loss program, it’s important that you are getting the nutrients you need when replacing meals. The multi-vitamin that comes with this set will help you replenish the nutrients. (I have my multi-vits already)

I started with just the Formula shake mix – replaced two meals a day. That didn’t work out so well for me, because I have extremely low physical activities since I sit and work on craft all day from home studio (that means, I don’t even need to walk to the car park or transportation points etc), so the calories that I get from 2 shakes are not tapering off my weight.

Also, I found myself getting a little hungry by 3-4pm (previously with lunch replacement). Now, I add Personalized Protein powder to my morning shake, and I don’t get hungry easily, but I still take my meals regularly. For lunch, I make myself a nice glass of herbal tea (or organic black tea) and 3 pieces of wholemeal biscuits. I usually have delicious salad for dinner.

I am not expecting fast and instant weight loss, I am hoping for gradual but permanent weight loss. I am patient (and mostly too busy), so this is working fine for me now. I don’t know for sure if I have lost more weight, but I do feel leaner.

 I always buy from this seller, very reliable and fast delivery (my purchases usually qualify for free EMS). 

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