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I contemplated in posting this on my business craftblog or here, and decide to post it here.

See, I don’t consider myself ‘successful’, perhaps the definition variesfrom person to person. I think I am leading quite an enjoyable and happy lifestyle. The key contributing factor is nonetheless, being able to work a perfect job that is best suited for me. For that, perhaps I can consider myself being successful in living a passionate life.

For different (or same, I don’t really know, I don’t pry, I am not very clever, so I either just answer with super lengthy reply, or a brief reply to that I am too busy at the moment) reasons, I receive quite many emails/requests every year from friends and readers who visit my blogs with questions pertaining to setting up online shop, blogging, domain, webhosting etc.

Know that I am not an expert in any of these. What I know is really self-taught. It does take a keen interest and patience to acquire some basic knowledge in this area, if you are as unfamiliar on these topics as I were (I think I qualify to be an experienced amateur now, experiences acquired through imaginable and unimaginable mistakes!).

I have used (still do) several hosting providers, such as GoDaddy, Yahoo Merchant plan, APlus, WordPress dedicated host and Siteground.

I have used Siteground since 2007, and they have helped me through many phases of my business and personal web hosting needs. The support team is beyond excellent. No, I am serious, go look at one of the images in the gallery on the top, you see one of the support tickets that I had opened. It was not the easiest task since I was migrating an active blogspot blog from another host (it’s more complicated because it was hosted on google server, and served through another domain restrar), and I was also upgrading the shared hosting plan to Plus shared hosting plan.

Some of my domains are hosted elsewhere, and the ‘elsewhere’ has really poor admin area and the support is non-existent. Therefore, I sought help from siteground’s support team about how to edit the DNS records on my other host. I know, it’s not the nicest thing to do, but I was at my wit’s ends. Thankfully, they were very helpful and the response time is always under 15 minutes.

Trust me, I have been around for a bit, Siteground is the only host that provided responses and resolutions at the shortest time expected.

Great things:

1. Clear and tidy admin area (upgraded not too long ago, but the old admin area was equally user-friendly)

2. Excellent support team (I get many tips from them, yeah, they are that helpful!)

3. cPanel – One of the most preferred control panels among developers (you can access your SQL databases from here, do backups, create email accounts, and so much more)

4. Softaculous One-click installation – Installing popular scrips such as wordpress, zencart, prestashop, jooml etc is just one click away. I had installed and setup wordpress on other hosts and they were very frustation experiences. This application guides you through in one-easy step

5. Add-ons – The basic plan usually suffice, but if you need additional features such as Domain privacy, domain transfer, SSL etc, you can always just go to the ‘Order’ tab and activate the feature with payment.

6. Knowledge base (tutorials) – I bookmarked several tutorials such as SQL backup, SSH set up etc as quick reference before I perform any task. They have very wide coverage on different applications.

7. Another highlight of siteground services is that they are constantly updating their services and incorporating with third-party developers to offer free or discounted packages. The recent add-ons are the Cloudflare CDN (which helps my website achieve 90/100 pagespeed) and the SEO service.

Comparison with other hosting providers:

1. Siteground now offers different geographical server locations – Singapore as the center to serve users located in Asia and Australia. The nearer your host servers are located to you, the faster you can gain on loading speed.

2. Unique server security setup – If a hacker attack is detected on SiteGround shared server, the effect is isolated to the vulnerable account only.

3. Unique server monitoring for best uptime – Automatic detection in realtime and the reaction is instant.

4. Unique server setup for maximum loading speed

5. Fast and knowledgeable technical support – hands down on this!

I won’t lie, there were a few difficult times throughout the 5 years with SiteGround, but the excellences in quality of service and continued efforts to upgrade, have definitely outweighed the insignificant challenges that I had encountered.

It is clear to me, when I have something to compare to.


1. If you have several domains like myself – I have 7 domains! – and websites, you wan to upgrade to Plus Shared account, because it allows you unlimited domains add on to be hosted on your shared account. *Just be sure that all your websites are optimized, so that you don’t exceed the CPU resources (Plus account enjoys 2 times more CPU resources – this is the area that most hosts do not mention, every shared account with any host has a dedicated CPU resource size, if you exceed that size, your website will be suspended until you fix the problem)

2. Plus account also enjoys premium support, daily backup (very very useful if you are not familiar with website building etc, you are bound to kill the website at least once, I killed mine many times before, especially when applying new templates and upgrading.), and ssh access (I love this feature, it feels good to know that you are uploading and downloading through very secured way)

3. Always renew with 3 years renewal for maximum savings – I always renew with 3 years plan; also try to keep a lookout for promotion half a year before the renewal.

There is sale going on (limited time offer) from 07 Nov. If you have been searching for a new webhost, or planning to start a new website, this is a good time.

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