Art of Letter Writing – Royal Seal

I guess there is indeed a rebel in me. I defy times; not all of it, but some.

With the advanced technology pushing life forward and faster, the art of letter writing is dying, if not dead.

Letter writing, is as personal as it can get. Internet and everything that follows have undoubtedly help push efficiency and productivity up many notches. We move so fast now, it is possible that by the next generation, ‘instant’ will be a term to describe incompetency. At the rate that we are moving, instantaneous may not be fast enough anymore, we will need to return to yesterday. It means to say that we no longer do anything for NOW, what we do today was meant for tomorrow – preemptive ; yesterday was lived for today. No, I can’t explain this further, because I am confused myself.

To live life simply, I live for NOW, you can read about me weeks later, but I live for now.

I write to friends, but not all friends appreciate the tangible pages of paper filled with scribbles and hand drawn smileys. I am not afraid to make genuine mistakes and to have to strike out may misspelled words (made worse by the growing dependence on auto-correct and spell-check program). It allows my friend to guess what I was going to say, and decided against it later. I am not worried of being imperfect.

See, life is in frenzy crazy rush, everyday, every hour; this insane pace is infiltrating my personal space – dreams. I make an effort to slow things down. Know that we cannot stop the world from spinning in the manic speed, but we can control our pace. Every decision comes with a price, we call that Opportunity Cost.

I put aside time just to write a letter. I am willing to take the risk of the mail being lost in transit. I am happy not to keep a copy of what I have written. We never had to before, we don’t have to now.

See, what happens today is that we don’t trust anyone anymore. We always ask for the black and white after a conversation, familiar? We do that because we want to hold someone responsible. We want to be able to have a point of reference and say, ‘see, I am right, you are wrong! Don’t deny it, you said that on [date] and [time]’.

I write. I want to enjoy the old times of not needing to have a back-up copy of what was said. If we remember, we remember; if we forget, we do what people used to do, we ask. It freaks me out sometimes when someone googled about a term I used in my Facebook status, or in our messaging chat session. I mean, why couldn’t she just ask me? I may not have the perfect answer, heck, I may have the wrong definition, but it would be exactly what I thought I was expressing.

So, yes, I write, and I am happy to have found someone who doesn’t mind my scribbles; someone who doesn’t think I am stupid and silly because I enjoy writing a letter.

Personal letters, they are important, they are not urgent. There is no real urgency to finish reading and replying the letter immediately. Make yourself a cup of fragrant tea, toss a few butter cookies in the small oven, set them in pretty doily paper. Sit yourself down where the sunlight lies softly on spot that you are at, put on your favorite music. Take out the letter, allow yourself to imagine where your friend was while writing to you.

Letter-writing is a real challenge in our modern city. I (literally!) can’t find any letter pad! The irony comes that I make use of the convenient technology to recreate vintage style letter sheets (laser printer, creative programs like illustrator and photoshop) and up the preciousness by stamping with a wax seal. (It’s really just for fun, I do adore all things ole English and royal!)

It is possible that I may have spent 1-2 hours in writing and sealing the letter. The Opportunity Cost would be creative work which can be converted into hundred and thousand of dollars later in my business. I see it this way, 10 years down the road, I will remember that I had spent some quality time doing what pleased me, rather than just a fuzzy impression that the 10 years slipped by leaving almost no trace of being. I won’t remember the insignificant hundreds and thousands of dollars that I had made, spent, and will make. I remember I wrote to a friend, and spent a great few hours sharing my day.

I bought my wax seal set from Groupon, but you can buy it on Qoo10 (and save more with the tips I shared earlier); I am pretty sure they all come from the same source.


I believe the original royal wax seal is of better quality; this wax seal is good enough and affordable, but it lacks the gloss that the royal wax gives. I dab a little of natural oil (safflower or jojobo oil etc) and lightly rub on the stamped seal. Remember to dab the excess with tissue though.

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