Save More at Qoo10 | Shopping Tips

We love Qoo10, it’s a big enough online marketplace to buy lovely things with great discounts. That is almost the only place I shop for the Korean stuffs, including skincare, cosmetics, kitchenware, and knick knacks. I have not participated in any local buying spree organized on forums, I doubt I will. There are just more risks involved, and the hassle to have to constantly bounce the replies to confirm purchase, then the payment, then the shipping cost sharing, and then finally worrying if the stock will ever arrive or the organizer (who is basically a stranger) runs away with your money! Then, it’s the hassle to arrange for posting of your items or to meet to collect them. Did I mention that the entire process can sometimes take months? Oh well, at least that’s what I heard.

Qoo10 is easy, and prices are mostly more attractive as the sellers reside in South Korea and ship directly from the source of supply. More attractively, I earn (points, stamps, and coupons) as I buy, and save more money everytime!

Big malls scare you? Worry not, we have prepared some shopping tips here.


If you don’t already have an account with Qoo10, register one, and choose to subscribe to the newsletter for exclusive offers.

TIP #1 – Rolette Spin

1. Go to the ‘Qfun‘ page (shortcut located on the right panel, small wordings)

2. Click on today’s date on the calendar

3. Click ‘Play’

#You get one free spin everyday

##When you buy something, you are given more spin chance, just change them for Qticket to spin

###Remember to come back everyday, to earn attendance prizes!

TIP #2 – Coupons Hunting

1. On the QFun page, you see the ‘Weekly Specials’ on the top panel, click on that

2. On Weekly Specials page, look out for the drop down menu (under the main categories panel), and click ‘see more event pages’

3. On the Weekly Special page, you will see many different events, right click on each event to open in new tab/window (so that you don’t have to keep repeating Step 1 to 2), and see if there are hidden coupons and offers.

Sometimes, Qoo10 runs fabulous promotion and offer very attractive coupons up to 20% off cart discount (that was the best by far). Try to go through each event, and run through the page.

#Some coupons are valid for a day only, but I don’t really care, I grab as many coupons I can find in case I want to buy something later.

TIPS #3 – Save More by Buying More at same Checkout

1. Go to the item page that you wish to purchase the item

2. Most of the items are offered with variations or add-ons (basically, it’s also the seller’s trick to offer low base price – so that you cannot use the item coupon on the product since the restriction is based on the base price), you can either (A) select from the top of the page; or (B) scroll to the product information page to read the description of the items, and then bring up the blue panel ‘Select Options’.

3. Make the selection on the options (if any) accordingly, and click ‘add option’; continue to add more items, once satisfied, click ‘view list’, which will bring you back up to the top of the page

4. Check if the options are correct, when satisfied, click ‘Add to Cart’

#Quantity tip – if you are buying low value items, say facial mask, with a base price of S$0.80 and option price (say aloe vera +S$0.40), instead of having 5 aloe vera masks + 7 platinum masks, you may want to consider getting same option to top up to S$10 per selection (that would qualify to use the S$0.50 coupon that you earn by writing premium reviews)

5. At checkout page, you see the small ‘My Coupon’ link on each item, click on that to apply coupons
#Note that some promotions such as time sales, or early bird promotion, and group buy etc, you will not be able to apply further discount on the item.

#Coupon tip – If you are purchasing all items from time sales, early bird promotion etc, the ‘My coupon’ like is disabled, but you want to use cart coupon (which applies to the total value of your cart), you might want to add one more item that is not tagged with special discount, that way, you can bring up the discount box and choose the cart coupon to be applied. 

6. The coupon page opens and you will be able to apply the coupon (both item and cart coupons), remember to click ‘apply coupon’ when done selecting.

7. As long as you are not fully checked out with payment, you are still able to change your mind. Feel free to add/remove items to your cart. Remember to check if the coupons are still applied. If you have applied the coupons on the items that you are removing, the coupons will be returned to you coupon list.

8. Some sellers also offer in-house Plus Discount, it means that if you buy more items from the shop (under their designated items list) you will enjoy further discount

9. You can choose to use the coupons from the coupons that you have earned and collected; or to use Qstamps to exchange for Cart Coupon (it’s a lucky draw system; or more stamps for a confirmed coupon); or use the coupons in your Q-Prime Club account. (Q-Prime Club coupon books can be purchased with cash, or exchange using your earned mileage)

10. Check the total price, fill in the delivery information

11. If you have earned Qpoints, you may choose to use the points to further offset the bill!

1. Try to accumulate the shopping cart in a way that the total qualifies to use a good cart discount coupon (up to S$10 – with min. order of S$110 etc).

2. Buy QPrime Club coupon book if you plan to shop regularly on Qoo10

TIP #4 – After Transaction

1. Go to ‘My Qoo10’ page (shortcut is on the top right corner, where you register/login)

2. Here you see a list of your purchases, ALWAYS confirm delivery if you have received the item. it earns you points

3. Write a review (you may want to try using the products first before reviewing), and don’t wait too long, the ‘Write a Review’ button is not there forever, Qoo10 removes your right to review after around a month or so.

4. Write both regular feedback and Premium Review to earn extra stamps and coupon discount (although it’s just S$0.50, but this is a still a good saving accumulatively)

There you go, shop wisely, save cleverly!

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