iPhone 5 Casings

So, I have an iPhone, finally! I don’t really need a phone, at all, really. The husband bought me one anyway, for my birthday. It is mainly used as the One-Time-Passcode receiver – for online shopping, whereby the bank sends a passcode through text, without that, you can’t complete the transaction.

My first Apple product – iMac, was also a birthday present, in the same year that we got married. It was impromptu – impulsive even, we were catching a movie at a cineplex, and the husband dragged me into the authorized apple store. We looked, admired, the next thing I knew, he was haggling prices/freebies with the sales representative! To be honest, I was stressed out! I hate to be late for movies (or anything else), and I was really busy with my budding craft business then, I really didn’t want a drastic change from Windows to Mac OS!

For some reasons, the husband assumed it was the best present (and he’s right!), he bought the machine right after the movie. The machine (in the box, unopened) sat on the floor for a few days until I succumbed to the husband’s daily pressuring hinting to open the box.

Since the change, there is no turning back. My new bigger iMac is also a present given by the husband. I bought the iPads for us; he bought the iPhones for us. I think I am now qualified as the Apple fan!

All the Apple products are ‘precious’. The husband is not a gentle handler. He dropped his iPhone on the first day of purchase!!

So, it’s now armored with hard casing, in hope to survive better with the rough handling. 😛

He ordered 2 cases for himself (and I wonder why!).

The Aluminum Air Jacket Casing (S$8.80)

The goods:

+ Inexpensive

+ Easy clip-on

+ Sleek and handsome looking

+ Perfect fit, and openings for the buttons, including an opening for the SIM card (some people change the SIM card frequently?)

The Bads:

+ The casing leaves the corners of the phone exposed. For some reasons, when you drop the phone, there is a high chance that the corner hits the floor first, and that can be devastating!

The Synthetic Carbon Fiber Casing (S$7.80)

The Goods:

+ Inexpensive

+ Easy clip-on

+ Matches the husband’s iPad Folio (Zagg’s keyboard and cover)

+ Covers the corners of the phone

+ Perfect fit

The Bads:

+ The carbon fiber is only the design, it’s not the real carbon fiber, so it scratches

+ If you need to change your SIM card frequently, you have to remove the casing each time as there is no opening for the SIM card

Buy them here: 

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