One of My Best Birthdays

I knew exactly how I wanted to spend my birthday this year. Besides the Courageous Princess & Charming Knight charity fundraiser, I planned to be happy. ‘Happy’ in my context, means contentment and joyful. I don’t want to do a bunch of thrilling stuffs, I just wanted to do what makes me feel ‘full’ in the heart and well, stomach. 😛

So, I spent the morning in processing and packing orders like I do everyday; then the mama came in with pieces of crushed paper for me to pick out 4 mega auspicious number for 4D lottery; then, I was freaked out (again) by the Ninja Lizard; then I crocheted the afternoon away; then the mum cooked my favorite dishes (at least she thought, or conveniently assumed so).

See, I am more of a fish and veggies person. I rarely (never) crave for curry. The husband, on the other hand, loves curry. The mum cooks really delicious curry and everyone at home loves curry. It’s a very convenient assumption that I liked it too. :/ It’s alright, really. I don’t resent curry, it just never makes it to my favorite dish.

I love honeyed wings, always. Barbecued honeyed wings are the best! I love the impossible, if you must know. I love BBQ, but I dislike the crowd; and BBQ always almost means (too) many people. The noises, the heat, the overwhelming activities going on at the same time, that is frightening and stressful.

I wanted Tiramisu cake. The said ‘best’ Tiramisu in town is sold at one of the restaurants at Rochester Park. The husband left a message on Whatsapp that the restaurant only opens from 5:30pm for dinner. I hate to trouble anyone, including the husband. I told him to just swing by Cedele near our place, on his way home; Cedele makes very delicious cakes that are moist and taste heavenly. It had been raining heavily that day, I would hate that he had to go to places in the rain for a cake.

He went by TCC near his office to get the Tiramisu. He bought Paradiso from Swissbake instead because Tiramisu at TCC was sold out.

Although we only had 3 dishes, but the food was plenty for us.

It was one of my best birthdays; to do nothing extraordinarily special and be happy about a productive day at work.

Sadly, or rather, bizarrely, I imagine the perfect birthday to be one that involves only myself. That will be the ultimate birthday, when I make no compromise at all. Maybe I’ll spend a day in a luxurious hotel room, order room service (I do love room service) with lots of desserts. Soak in a big jacuzzi tub with my favorite bath salt (don’t have one yet, but I will someday). Spend adequate time to apply heavenly scented body whip.

By afternoon, I will order pastries and tea, and set up the table at the private balcony and enjoy the quiet afternoon sipping earl grey tea and yummy pastries. Maybe I will watch an insanely romantic movie afterward.

Perhaps I will take an afternoon nap. Then go for a full body massage in pretty spa center – preferably located in the hotel, and pray that the masseur doesn’t make unnecessary small talks.

By evening, the husband can come meet me for dinner. 😀

Maybe I can ‘stage’ that when we have our own place. I will just stock the fridge with desserts and pastries beforehand! Wee! Oh well, I might not have a massage or jacuzzi bath, but I can spend enough time scrubbing the body in shower and apply body oil/cream. If we have cats already, maybe the cats can entertain me, or the other way around, since cats aren’t the  most compliant animals around. Ahh… Simple bliss!

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