Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence | Product Review

I am very pleased with Secret Key snail series, including the essence (which solves the problem with dry patches on my cheeks), cream, and toner. I am also using the Syn-Ake cream which I really like a lot!

Looks like Korean skin care such as Secret Key works better on my skin than other expensive big brands (Japanese, European, and USA).

I ordered a miniature Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence to try out the essence. I didn’t have great experience with SKII – to be fair, it worked for a very brief while, then it began to work adversely. I was skeptical and decided to buy the miniature size before getting the full size.

I have been using for a week now, and happy to report that all is well!

Product – Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence


+ 7 Free system (Parabens, mineral oils, benzophenone, alcohol, phenoxy alcohol, pigment, incense)

+ 90% Pitera

+ Brightening and treats wrinkle

Missy’s say:

Texture – watery, similar to toner

Scent – light (hard to describe); some users claimed it smells like alcohol, I don’t feel so

Absorption – Relatively quick

Result – The skin is supple and hydrated

Brightening – Can’t say for sure now, or ever, since I am also using Secret Key Syn-Ake cream which has whitening properties.

Usage – Although the product page states to use the essence like toner with cotton pad, I use it like I used SKII. After face wash, with a few drops in the palm, I rubbed my palms lightly together and spread on my face, then pat to help absorption; followed with the Snail essence; then eye cream; then Syn-Ake cream (day)/snail cream (night); then sunscreen (day).

Repurchase – Yes, I will be getting the full size bottle in my next check-out. It’s really quite affordable.

Buy miniature here:

Buy full size (value pack of 1+1)

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