Recycling Used Perfume Bottle as Reed Diffuser | Part 1 – Spray Nozzle Removal

You didn’t think my DIY Reed Diffuser exploration stops at that post, did you? I want nice bottles to make reed diffuser. Yes, you read it correctly,  bottle(s). It makes sense to have several reed diffuser of different scents. See, peppermint is great to keep the mind alert and enhance focus; it is also great in the afternoon to ‘trick’ the brain into thinking that the weather is cooling (scent association – mint = cooling), and your body is probably more tolerant to the afternoon heat.

The diffuser that is added with the blend of eucalyptus (soothing, and soften the sharp peppermint scent notes) and peppermint essential oil is perfect in the work room; it might not be the greatest idea to have it in the sleeping room, unless you are planning to stay wide awake in the night.

So, I want to have more diffuser for different rooms; yes, it is also true that I am still excited with experimenting different scents.

I have some (and now, I miss my Issey Miyake perfume bottle that I tossed in the bin) nice looking perfume bottles, which make perfect diffuser bottle because of the narrow mouth.

There are a few steps of prep-work before you can use the bottle for reed diffuser.

Firstly, we need to remove the spray nozzle. The modern perfume bottles are affixed with spray nozzle that is tightly crimped onto the mouth of the glass bottle, which means we can remove it completely without tools.


1. Cutter

2. Old newspaper

3. Disposable gloves

Removing the Crimped Metal Part (attached to the spray nozzle)

Lay your work table with old newspaper, in case of spillage; you probably won’t need the gloves, but I am allergic to too many stuffs now, and even the holding the cutter causes skin reaction.

1. Remove the spray cap by pulling off the cap with hand

2. Use the cutter to cut into the top part of the metal piece

3. ‘Coil’ the cut metal part as you go along

4. Once that part is removed (it depends on the construction of your spray nozzle, it is possible that your perfume bottle only has one part), repeat step 3 for the lower part of the crimped metal.

5. Success!

I am soaking the bottle with warm water, liquid soap, and uncooked rice, and to soak the bottle overnight (or two) with diluted baking soda solution. Will post a tutorial on that with outcome.


2 thoughts on “Recycling Used Perfume Bottle as Reed Diffuser | Part 1 – Spray Nozzle Removal

  1. Thanks Missy! I’ve been wondering forever how to remove those caps! Now I’m so mad at myself for throwing away my empty perfume bottles 😦


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