LEADERS Clinic MEDIU Foot Peeling Mask | Product Review

I order 2 sets of LEADERS Clinic MEDIU Foot Peeling Masks; one for me; one for the husband. He is not very keen, and I get to keep the other one for next peel.


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The Missy’s Experience:

[Wearing the Mask]

It’s best to do it at night while you are watching television program, or gaming, when you don’t need to move around during the 1.5 hours. You can walk around with the masks on your feet, they just feel weird (personally, I felt extremely uncomfortable walking with the mask on). Cooling and tingling.

[After Mask]

The feet felt very sensitive when in touch with tiled floor – like menthol cool sensation.


I have chronic skin allergies and conditions, but this doesn’t give me any problem.

[Peeling Period]

By day 3, the feet felt a little weird when in contact with the floor. It felt like a film over the skin, so I kept thinking that the floor was not clean. I am guessing the surface dead skin is beginning to detach itself from the feet.

It says 4-6 days for the dead skin to peel. Maybe my skin is more resistant? My skin only began to peel (effectively) on Day 6; I cheated, on Day 5, I couldn’t resist but peel some parts off. 😛

By Day 8, most parts of the skin that were soaked in the solution were peeled off, but the dead skin on the callous and cracked heels didn’t seem to be peeling off effectively, so I used the pumice stone to scrub the skin off the heel and callous on the big toe. That helped!

[Overall Performance]

I am quite impressed with the results! The toes are really smooth and nice now; the cracked heels show great improvements too. I think I will do another peel next month.

Buy here (I paid S$5.40 for each set); I bought my pumice stone from the supermarket:



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